Bohemian Flightsody

Bohemian Flightsody (Video)

Bohemian Flightsody is a flying tribute to Freddie Mercury performed by Fred Fernandez Noceda at The Wind Games 2019. The Wind Games is the name of the indoor flight competition held by Windoor; the first wind tunnel in Spain, and… Read more...
Mission Eleven Degrees

Mission Eleven Degrees (Video)

Break in and fly! A new indoor skydiving secret agent is born. A collaboration between 11° Degrees and Fred Fernandez. Fred is a competitor and a professional wind tunnel instructor at Windoor Realfly. He become famous on the international stage… Read more...

F L Y E R T H I N G H S (Video)

Fred Fernández and Zooey La Plume (8 yrs old) flying their flyer things in a futuristic world of energized indoor skydiving. Fred is a competitor and a professional wind tunnel instructor at Windoor Realfly. He become famous on the international… Read more...
Sydney Kennett

Sydney Kennett Resume (Video)

Sydney – 11 yrs old girl from Colorado – tells about her passion about bodyflight and how much she likes meeting new friends flying at wind tunnels around the world. We hope her passion can encourage more kids into the… Read more...
Out of Frame with Maja Kuczynska

Out of Frame with Maja Kuczynska

  Forging new paths through technology Seventeen-year-old Maja Kuczyńska is already more comfortable dancing through the air than many longtime skydivers, but the first-ever Junior Indoor Skydiving World Champion has never actually jumped out of an airplane. From overcoming physical… Read more...

Elise Brown iFLY Sponsored Athlete

iFLY is thrilled to announce that we have yet another chance to promote the sport of indoor skydiving in Australia, adding a second female to our team of sponsored athletes! Meet 17-year-old Elise Brown, who has been exploring body movement… Read more...

Intergalactic Air Dance – Teaser

We have made an intergalactic journey to meet you … Everybody has ever dreamed about flying. Ten outstanding young freestylers made the dream of humanity come true. They performed this breathtaking show where sport, theatre, dance and audiovisual arts met.… Read more...
Maja Kuczynska - TWG2017

Maja Kuczyńska Ambassador of TWG2017

Maja Kuczyńska, the reigning Junior World Champion in Indoor Skydiving Freestyle, is The World Games’ 2017 Ambassador for air sports. There are three air competitions during TWG2017 in Wrocław: canopy piloting, glider aerobatics and paramotoring. Maja Kuczyńska, even though does… Read more...

Flyspot about Wind Games 2017

A smashing performance for the Polish athletes Polish National team athletes have taken home two bronze medals from the large, annual indoor skydiving competition held at Empuriabrava, Spain from 2 to 4 february 2017. Maja Kuczynska, 17, sealed the 3rd… Read more...

Cawabonga Dynamic (Video)

Cawabonga Team performs a Dynamic Flyng routine at Madrid Fly. Quote of The Day “Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens“. #cawabonga #theninjapath… Read more...

iFLY Aspire Athletic (Video)

Noah (10 yrs old) and his sister Kayleigh (12 yrs old) Wittenburg are two young incredibly talented flyers. They have been members of the 2W Dynamic Team Mini Maktoum, winner of 2015 Clash of Champions in Dubai beating 16 others… Read more...

Team Vipers camp with Rafael | Video

[dt_gap height=”10″ /] [dt_divider style=”thin” /] [dt_gap height=”10″ /] Team Vipers camp with Rafael | Video This was one of our first training camps we had as a team! Credit Team Vipers | Video WindLens | Wind Tunnel Flyspot |… Read more...

Miehet eivät pärjää Inkalle tuulitunnelissa

Categories: [php snippet=1] | [php snippet=2] [dt_divider style=”thin” /] Miehet eivät pärjää Inkalle tuulitunnelissa Inka Tiitto voitti toistamiseen tuulitunnelilentämisen maailmanmestaruuden. Sarjassa kisailevat miehet ja naiset yhdessä Credit – Ensio Karjalainen | Photos Lauri Aapro | Videos WCIS 2016 |… Read more...

WISC 2016 D2W-T: I’m totally stoked

Categories: [php snippet=1] | [php snippet=2] [dt_divider style=”thin” /] WISC 2016 D2W-T: I’m totally stoked Standing on the 1st place podium was a great feeling Credit Andrzej Soltyk | Photo Lauri Aapro | Wind Tunnel Flyspot | 16 Oct 2016… Read more...

Bodyflying, the 21st century sport

Bodyflying, the 21st century sport A couple of years ago still considered a niche sport, indoor skydiving is getting ever more popular among lovers of the adrenaline rush. In Europe alone, there are more than thirty wind tunnels open to… Read more...

Flight at night with HF Team| Video

Categories: [php snippet=1] | [php snippet=2] Flight at night with HF Team | Video Flying in the tunnel accompanied by Johann Strauss’ music Credit HF Team | Performers Jonáš Krása, Matěj Třasák, Honza Turek, Čestmír Frič, Vojta “Zohan” Fikar  |… Read more...

Madrid Fly Gymkhana 1.0 (Video)

“When Eydisa designed and built their masterpiece tunnel in Madrid and Boogieman sent me the brand new progressive tunnel suit it was time to put everything together and have fun with those super toys! What you can see is the… Read more...