• Athletes

    8 Way Dynamic at Twinwoods Adventure (Video)

    Enjoy this mesmerizing routine by 8 dynamic flying champions at Twiwoods Adventure. Flyers: Adam Mattacola, Cesar Rico Garcia, Dani Gallego Prieto, Fabian Raidel, Den Roane, Clement Gyzmo, Devin Roane, Leo Blanchon
  • The Wind Games 2019 Aftermovie

    The Wind Games 2019 Aftermovie (Video)

    The Wind Games 2019 Aftermovie.  The most #epic indoorskydiving competition. Film-maker: Alex Arza SEE ALSO Day 1 Highlights Day 2 Highlights Day 3 Finals
  • Elise Brown - Sydney Harbour

    Indoor Skydiving on Sydney Harbour (Video)

    Join me for a tour of RIPCORD BY iFLY aboard the Royal Caribbean cruise ship Ovation of the Seas. There is no better location to fly some freestyle than Sydney Harbour with breathtaking views of the [...]
  • Articles

    Why Should You Try Indoor Skydiving?

    Obviously, the number one reason you should try indoor skydiving is because it’s fun. But there are a lot of other ​mental and physical benefits you can gain from a skydiving practice. These range from increased [...]
  • Flyspot Champion's Package
    Special Offers

    Flyspot Champion’s Package (Special Offer)

    Are you competing in WISC2019 – FAI World Indoor Skydiving Championship 2019? Get ready for it at FLYSPOTS – the best wind tunnels in the world. Offer Available at: Flyspot Warsaw Flyspot Katowice Get your Champion’s [...]
  • Bohemian Flightsody

    Bohemian Flightsody (Video)

    Bohemian Flightsody is a flying tribute to Freddie Mercury performed by Fred Fernandez Noceda at The Wind Games 2019. The Wind Games is the name of the indoor flight competition held by Windoor; the first wind tunnel [...]
  • The Wind Games 2019 - Finals

    The Wind Games 2019 – Finals (Video)

    Finals of The Wind Games 2019. The Wind Games is the name of the indoor flight competition held by Windoor; the first wind tunnel in Spain, and they were created in order to promote indoor flying [...]


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      Martin Kristensen

      Martin Kristensen at ArtFly Moscow

      We are glad to announce Martin Kristensen camp at ArtFly Moscow. Martin is 5 times world champion in air disciplines, the owner of many rewards in skydiving – indoor and outdoor – and a legend... Read more →

      4-WAY FS Camp at iFLY Toronto

      4-WAY FS Camp at iFly Toronto Whitby

      Presented by the Canadian Sport Parachuting Association (CSPA), this camp is perfect for those who want to improve their formation skydiving skills and have fun with people who have similar flying goals! This camp is... Read more →

      Fly Challenge 2019

      Fly Challenge 2019

      Welcome to the first indoor skydiving competition at Jochen Schweizer Arena. On 02/03/2019 we host the Fly Challenge, an impressive competition for all ages. On this day, the wind tunnel turns into a unique competition... Read more →


      AERODIUM Mirabel Frefall Experience

      AERODIUM Mirabel

      AERODIUM Mirabel is a free fall simulator powered by a 200km/h upward wind. Step into the Aerodium and get ready to soar up to 18 meters in the air! This is a family friendly activity... Read more →

      iFLY Indoor Skydiving Render

      iFLY Brisbane

      iFLY Brisbane Indoor Skydiving is where the dream of flight becomes a reality. Become a part of something bigger than yourself. You’ll fall in love with the sensation & the freedom that comes with floating... Read more →

      iFLY SF Bay

      iFLY SF Bay Indoor Skydiving Facility. Now everyone can experience the same exhilaration, in a safe environment, in full view of family and friends! Skydivers freefall through the air at 120mph and up. iFLY is a vertical... Read more →

      iFLY Milton Keynes

      iFLY Indoor Skydiving Milton Keynes is situated at Xscape, directly adjacent to the main Milton Keynes shopping centre and a few steps from great restaurants, bars, cinema theatre and other entertainment. Our Milton Keynes wind tunnel... Read more →


      Aaron Ferri

      The passion of Aaron for Human Flight made him join the Italian Army Parachute Brigade in Pisa. His determination and passion for teaching techniques made him become military instructor in few years. When he left... Read more →