The discipline of Freestyle

Freestyle is a solo discipline where aspects such as beauty, difficulty and composition of tricks are valued, within a flight set.

Flyers perform both Free and Compulsory routines 60 seconds in length. Exact number of Rounds and composition of Rounds is specific to the single meet.

Compulsory routines require particular moves be performed, but the sequence and choreography of the routine are designed by the flyer.

Routines are sometimes flown to music, adding another layer of difficulty as flyers must fly in sync to the song of their choice.

Creativity and difficulty are awarded in these disciplines as flyers work to amaze and impress the crowd and the judges.

Freestyle Video Playlist

How is it judged?

In the compulsory rounds, evaluation is based on Technique, Performance and Artistic Merit.

  • Technique and Difficulty
  • Creativity
  • Execution

In free rounds with music, in addition to the above, the synchronization of the routine with music will be assessed.

How to learn Freestyle

If you have already experienced your First Flight and you are willing to become a Sport Flyer just ask for an Instructor or a Coach at your local Wind Tunnel to continue your progression.

In this page you find a list of upcoming tunnel camps, competitions and world class coaches of this discipline.

You may also ask your questions to our Facebook Community or watch our Freestyle YouTube Playlist.


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The list of Coaches & Organizers of Freestyle. You can filter the list by country or search an organizer by its name. You can also submit a new organizer or see the complete list.

ImageEvent TitleCoachCountrycountry_hfilter
Leonid VolkovTrueRussiarussia
Inka TiittoTrueFinlandfinland europe
Greg CrozierTrueFrancefrance europe
Maja KuczynskaTruePolandpoland europe
Amy WatsonFalseAustraliaaustralia
Kyra PohTrueSingaporesingapore
Amalie Hegland LauritzenTrueNorwaynorway europe
Roberta MancinoTrueItalyitaly europe
Elise BrownTrueAustraliaaustralia
Coralie BoudreaultFalseCanadacanada
Andrzej SoltykTruePolandpoland europe
Fred Fernández NocedaTrueSpainspain europe
Lise Hernandez GirouardTrueCanadacanada
Nikolai Louis KleftasTrueDenmarkdenmark europe
Ola SoltykTruePolandpoland europe
Modern Aerial Dance Company
Toms ĪvānsTrueLatvialatvia europe
Peter ZaneginTrueRussiarussia
Malachi “Chewie” DeAthTrueCanadacanada
Ryan ChristieTrueNetherlandsnetherlands europe