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Elise Brown's freestyle

iFLY is thrilled to announce that we have yet another chance to promote the sport of indoor skydiving in Australia, adding a second female to our team of sponsored athletes! Meet 17-year-old Elise Brown, who has been exploring body movement in sport since she was a little girl, and now in the past year-and-a-half has dedicated her experiments to indoor skydiving. Elise has never shied away from life as an athlete, training up to 2-3 hours a day in overall flexibility and fitness, outside of spending up to 4-6 days a week training in the tunnel.

Other than tunnel flying I enjoy hot yoga, aerial silks, bush walking, painting, callisthenics, gymnastics, pushing my body to its physical limits and anything to do with body movement.” – Elise.

Elise has chosen to pursue indoor skydiving as a sport for many of the same reasons other indoor skydiving athletes have: “Flying allows me to explore new ways of expressing my body on an entirely new level. Once you understand the wind and respect it, it will move freely around your body with the fluidity of water. As soon as you step into the wind, everything else in the world dissolves, and your mind enters this beautiful state of serenity and silence. Flying is the ultimate freedom.” – Elise

We are excited to see Elise taking the sport of indoor skydiving to new heights here in Australia and are proud to be supporting her in her quest to take to the World stage and compete internationally as many of our other sponsors have gone on to do.

Credit iFLY Downunder

Last updated on 13 Aug 2017


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