But Skydiving is too extreme for you? Indoor Skydiving is the answer. You have all of the sensation of flying, and you can do that in a safe environment without the risks of skydiving. You are supervised at all times by experienced instructors who will help you make the most of this unique experience. When you arrive at the Wind Tunnel, you will fill out a form with your personal details. From that moment onwards, the only thing you have to think about is relaxing and having fun. The staff will take care of everything else.

An instructor will meet your group, which will be made up of people like you (who are flying for the first time). You will be briefed about all of the things you will need to know for your safety and enjoyment to help you to make the most of your flying experience. When you have finished the theory, you will be taken to the gear room to be clothed in all of the technical clothing that you will need to fly in the tunnel. In this space, there is a changing area and lockers to safely store your personal belongings. Once your group is ready, you will proceed to the flying area, and here you will have your first glimpse of the wind tunnel.

From this point onwards you only need to smile and enjoy the experience, in the capable hands of professional instructors. If you are accompanied by family and friends who are not flying, they can relax and watch you fly. They are permitted to take pictures and film your flying sessions from outside of the tunnel. The only danger from flying in a wind tunnel is that you might like it too much and find that you want to repeat this incredible experience!

GET READY – A few moments before being in flight you will follow a briefing with your instructor who will explain the safety rules and the position to be maintained in free fall. You can practice and ask questions.



LET’S FLY! – After wearing the helmet, suit and goggles you are ready for your flight. The air flow of the wind tunnel will make you fly suspended in complete safety, accompanied by your instructor.





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Indoor Skydiving is suitable to everyone from 3 to 103 years old. For more information read our FAQs or contact your local wind tunnel.


There are more than 200 locations around the world. Find the wind tunnel near you by your position, zip code or city. It may be closer than you think!