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To help sport flyers and teams to maximize their progression we mantain a directory of wind tunnels worldwide ranked by cheapest hourly rate in peak time. Rates are harmonized in USD dollars, you can easily convert the price into your local currency with the Currency Converter here below. If a wind Tunnel shows “999999” it means we haven’t received official rates yet.


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Wind Tunnels Rankings by Lowest Rates

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PictureWind TunnelUSDxHR (OnPeak)CountryCityDiameterUpdatedcountry_hfilter
Hurricane Factory Madrid815Madrid17.0 ft (5.2 m)19 Dec 2018spain europe
WINDOBONA Madrid655Madrid14.0 ft (4.3 m)19 Dec 2018spain europe
RealFly Sion740Sion14.0 ft (4.3 m)19 Dec 2018switzerland europe
iFLY Singapore1720Sentosa Island16.5 ft (5.0 m)19 Dec 2018singapore
iFLY Downunder1100Penrith16.4 ft (5.0 m)19 Dec 2018australia
Freezone I375Moscow12.0 ft (3.7 m)19 Dec 2018russia
Hurricane Factory Prague735Prague14.0 ft (4.3 m)19 Dec 2018czech-republic europe
iFLY Oklahoma City99999999, Oklahoma12.0 ft (3.7 m)19 Dec 2018oklahoma united-states
Aero Gravity Milano99999999Pero17.0 ft (5.2 m)19 Dec 2018italy europe
AERODIUM Egypt99999999Cairo06.9 ft (2.1 m)19 Dec 2018egypt
iFLY Dubai I and II99999999Dubai10.0 ft (3.1 m)19 Dec 2018united-arab-emirates
iFLY El Paso99999999, El Paso14.0 ft (4.3 m)19 Dec 2018texas united-states
Samara Wind Tunnel99999999Samara10.0 ft (3.1 m)19 Dec 2018russia
Aerotruba350Moscow13.5 ft (4.1 m)19 Dec 2018russia
Letarium255Moscow08.2 ft (2.5 m)19 Dec 2018russia
I Can Fly99999999Moscow08.2 ft (2.5 m)19 Dec 2018russia
Madrid Fly600Madrid15.0 ft (4.6 m)19 Dec 2018spain europe
Modern Activity Center825Jesshem14.0 ft (4.3 m)19 Dec 2018norway europe
iFLY Cincinnati999999, Liberty Township12.0 ft (3.7 m)19 Dec 2018ohio united-states
Skyfly999999Krasnoyarsk08.2 ft (2.5 m)19 Dec 2018russia
iFLY Chicago Rosemont999999, Rosemont14.0 ft (4.3 m)19 Dec 2018illinois united-states
iFLY Austin999999, Austin14.0 ft (4.3 m)19 Dec 2018texas united-states
iFLY San Diego999999, San Diego14.0 ft (4.3 m)19 Dec 2018california united-states
iFLY Tampa999999, Tampa14.0 ft (4.3 m)19 Dec 2018florida united-states
WINDOBONA Berlin999999Berlin14.0 ft (4.3 m)19 Dec 2018germany europe
iFLY Jakarta999999Jawa Barat12.0 ft (3.7 m)19 Dec 2018indonesia
Indoor Skydive Roosendaal999999Roosendaal14.0 ft (4.3 m)19 Dec 2018netherlands europe
iFLY MinskMinsk14.0 ft (4.3 m)19 Dec 2018belarus europe
CLYMB Abu Dhabi999999Abu Dhabi32.0 ft (9.8 m)19 Dec 2018united-arab-emirates
iFLY Jacksonville999999, Jacksonville14.0 ft (4.3 m)19 Dec 2018florida united-states
Niagara Freefall99999999Niagara Falls12.0 ft (3.7 m)19 Dec 2018canada
iFLY Chicago Lincoln Park999999Chicago12.0 ft (3.7 m)19 Dec 2018united-states
WINDOOR Barcelona999999Barcelona14.0 ft (4.3 m)19 Dec 2018spain europe
Flyspot Wroclaw999999Mirosławice14.0 ft (4.3 m)19 Dec 2018poland europe
Aeronautica Arena999999Pyhtää14.0 ft (4.3 m)19 Dec 2018finland europe
City SkydiveUtrecht14.0 ft (4.3 m)19 Dec 2018netherlands europe
WINDOOR Realfly780Empuriabrava14.0 ft (4.3 m)04 Jan 2019spain europe
iFLY BirminghamBirminghamN/A09 Jan 2019united-kingdom europe
iFLY Lyon985Saint-Priest14.0 ft (4.3 m)14 Jan 2019france europe
AirSpace770Charleroi14.0 ft (4.3 m)16 Jan 2019belgium europe
iFLY Westchester999999Yonkers14.0 ft (4.3 m)18 Jan 2019united-states
Fly X Rome999999Rome08.2 ft (2.5 m)19 Jan 2019italy europe
Aerotube Krutitsy99999999Ryazan Oblast10.0 ft (3.1 m)23 Jan 2019russia
Super Flight Miami99999999, Miami09.0 ft (2.8 m)11 Mar 2019florida united-states
AERODIUM Sevilla999999Sevilla09.0 ft (2.8 m)13 Mar 2019spain europe
Fly 4 Real99999999Málaga09.0 ft (2.8 m)13 Mar 2019spain europe
Aerodynamika270Moscow08.2 ft (2.5 m)14 Mar 2019russia
Weembi815Lesquin17.0 ft (5.2 m)14 Mar 2019france europe
Ice Mountain Indoor Skydiving735Komen14.0 ft (4.3 m)14 Mar 2019belgium europe
iFLY Paris985Paris14.0 ft (4.3 m)14 Mar 2019france europe
On Air Soufflerie850Tallard14.0 ft (4.3 m)14 Mar 2019france europe
Freezone II420Moscow16.4 ft (5.0 m)14 Mar 2019russia
Flyspot Katowice625Katowice14.0 ft (4.3 m)14 Mar 2019poland europe
Flyspot Warsaw625Mory14.0 ft (4.3 m)14 Mar 2019poland europe
Hurricane Factory Berlin790Wassmannsdorf17.0 ft (5.2 m)14 Mar 2019germany europe
FlyBox1385Rishon LeZion14.0 ft (4.3 m)14 Mar 2019israel
Windwerk785Winterthur14.0 ft (4.3 m)14 Mar 2019switzerland europe
iFLY Toronto Oakville915Ontario14.0 ft (4.3 m)15 Mar 2019canada
iFLY Toronto Whitby915Whitby14.0 ft (4.3 m)15 Mar 2019canada
SkyVenture Montréal920Laval14.0 ft (4.3 m)20 Mar 2019canada
iFLY Charlotte99999999, Concord12.0 ft (3.7 m)25 Mar 2019north-carolina united-states
Fööni Helsinki99999999Helsinki14.0 ft (4.3 m)04 Apr 2019finland europe
FlyStation Korea99999999Yongin14.8 ft (4.5 m)08 Apr 2019south-korea
Vacuum295Moscow10.0 ft (3.1 m)11 Apr 2019russia
Luxfly Indoor Skydive9999Sterpenich15.0 ft (4.6 m)15 Oct 2019belgium europe
Flow Moscow370Moscow14.8 ft (4.5 m)24 Feb 2020russia

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Hourly Rates

Hourly rates are those presented on the web pages of the wind tunnels as standard hourly rate without coaching in peak time for sport flyers / pro flyers, except for special promotions, packages and off-peak times. If you are interested to buy bulk of hours you can also check the special offers section or contact the wind tunnel where you want to fly for personalized quotations or to ask for a coach