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To help sport flyers and teams to maximize their progression we mantain a directory of wind tunnels worldwide ranked by cheapest hourly rate in peak time. Rates are harmonized in USD dollars, you can easily convert the price into your local currency with the Currency Converter here below.

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Wind Tunnels Rankings by Lowest Rates

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PictureWind TunnelUpdated1 Hr ($)5 Hrs ($)10 Hrs ($)CountryDiameterhf:tax:country
WINDOBONA Berlin11 Oct 202262514.0 ft (4.3 m)germany europe
iFLY Minsk - Render Building
iFLY Minsk20 Oct 202251546543514.0 ft (4.3 m)belarus europe
Aeronautica Arena
Aeronautica Arena24 Nov 202234514.0 ft (4.3 m)finland europe
FlyBox11 Oct 202276056014.0 ft (4.3 m)israel
Fööni Helsinki
Fööni Helsinki11 Oct 202237014.0 ft (4.3 m)finland europe
Bodyflight Gothenburg
Bodyflight Gothenburg24 Feb 202367214.0 ft (4.3 m)sweden europe
Caracas Fly
Caracas Fly11 Mar 202335015.0 ft (4.6 m)venezuela

Hourly Rates

Hourly rates are those submitted to our website or presented on the web pages of the wind tunnels as standard hourly rate without coaching in peak time for sport flyers / pro flyers, except for special promotions, packages and off-peak times. If you are interested to buy bulk of hours you can also check the special offers section or contact the wind tunnel where you want to fly for personalized quotations or to ask for a coach

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