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ArtFly - Indoor Skydiving World

If you want to improve your skills, discover a new discipline or approach your first competitions then a coach is the best way to speed up your progression.

A coach will give you a full briefing before your flying sessions and provide a detailed video debrief after the flight. He will also give you tips for your next session, keep track of your progress and introduce you to other flyers and potential teammates.

Looking for a Coach?

You can ask for a coach at your local tunnel or browse our directory by Country and Discipline.

You can also search for a coach by its name or submit a new coach.

Aaron Ferri
Aaron Ferri, italy europedynamic-flying formation-skydiving
Alberto Fuertes
Alberto Fuertesspain europedynamic-flying
Alexandra Salera
Alexandra Saleraswitzerland europedynamic-flying
Amalie Hegland Lauritzen
Amalie Hegland Lauritzennorway europefreestyle
Andrea Scaramuzza
Andrea Scaramuzzaitaly europedynamic-flying
Team Vipers Camp
Andrzej Soltyk, , poland europedynamic-flying freestyle speed
Andy Grauwels
Andy Grauwelsbelgium europeformation-skydiving
Christine Malnis
Christine Malnisfrance europeformation-skydiving
Clement "Gyzmo" Ducloux
Clément “Gyzmo” Duclouxfrance europedynamic-flying
Dave Hyndman
Dave Hyndmanaustraliadynamic-flying
David Grauwels
David Grauwelsbelgium europeformation-skydiving
David Hyndman
David Hyndmanaustraliadynamic-flying
Dennis Praet
Dennis Praetbelgium europeformation-skydiving
Elise Brown
Elise Brownaustraliafreestyle
Fred Fernández
Fred Fernández Nocedaspain europefreestyle
Honza Turek
Honza Turekczech-republic europedynamic-flying
Inka Tiitto
Inka Tiittofinland europefreestyle
Ivan Ifčo Farbak‎
Ivan Ifčo Farbak‎czech-republic europedynamic-flying
Jeroen Nollet
Jeroen Nolletbelgium europeformation-skydiving
Jonáš Krása
Jonáš Krásaczech-republic europedynamic-flying
Indoor Skydiving World
Josh O’Donoghueunited-kingdom europedynamic-flying
Josh Ruiz Velasco
Josh Ruiz Velascopoland europedynamic-flying
Julien Degen
Julien Degenfrance europeformation-skydiving
Kyra Poh
Kyra Poh, , , singaporedynamic-flying formation-skydiving freestyle speed
Laurence Hervé
Laurence Hervéfrance europeformation-skydiving
Leonid Volkov
Leonid Volkov, russiadynamic-flying freestyle
Lise Hernandez Girourd
Lise Hernandez Girouardcanadafreestyle
Luke Warren
Luke Warrenunited-kingdom europedynamic-flying
Maja Kuczynska
Maja Kuczynska, poland europedynamic-flying freestyle
Malachi "Chewie" DeAth
Malachi “Chewie” DeAth, , canadadynamic-flying freestyle speed
Markus Schwarz
Markus Schwarz, germany europedynamic-flying vertical-formation
Martin Dédek
Martin Dédekczech-republic europedynamic-flying
Matti Millumaki
Matti Millumakifinland europedynamic-flying
Max Alberdi
Max Alberdiitaly europeformation-skydiving
Miguel Ángel Marchena
Miguel Ángel Marchenaspain europedynamic-flying
Nikolai Louis Kleftas
Nikolai Louis Kleftas, , , denmark europedynamic-flying freestyle speed vertical-formation
Ola Soltyk
Ola Soltykpoland europefreestyle
Peter Zanegin - Indoor Skydiving Athlete
Peter Zanegin, russiafreestyle vertical-formation
Reed Ramage
Reed Ramageaustraliadynamic-flying
Roberta Mancino
Roberta Mancino, italy europedynamic-flying freestyle
Roy Janssen
Roy Janssenfrance europeformation-skydiving
Stef Millet
Stef Milletfrance europeformation-skydiving
Tayla Lima
Tayla Limabrazilformation-skydiving
Toms Ivans
Toms Īvānslatvia europefreestyle
Vojta "Zohan" Fikar
Vojta “Zohan” Fikarczech-republic europedynamic-flying


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