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Maja Kuczynska

I've always wanted to fly! Maja Kuczynska

Maja’s introduction to skydiving was a tandem jump with her father as a 10-year-old. She loved it and decided to train in the sport. Five years later, during the official FAI competition in Prague, she became the junior champion in freestyle. Maja had always been a lively child – by two she was skiing, and as a six-year-old she was practising gymnastics. She also rode horses. This is all while moving from country to country. Her family lived in Munich and Paris but it was in Prague, where one of the first aerodynamic tunnels had opened, that she trained in skydiving. Maja also has a creative side – as a child she played piano and performed in the youth choir. Currently living in Wroclaw, she trains alternately in Wroclaw and Warsaw.


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