Maja Kuczyńska Ambassador of TWG2017

Maja Kuczynska - TWG2017
Maja Kuczynska - TWG2017

Maja Kuczyńska, the reigning Junior World Champion in Indoor Skydiving Freestyle, is The World Games’ 2017 Ambassador for air sports. There are three air competitions during TWG2017 in Wrocław: canopy piloting, glider aerobatics and paramotoring.

Maja Kuczyńska, even though does not train a TWG discipline, represents all what is the most important in sport and whole The World Games idea – creativity, looking for new trends and new forms of competition.

Her discipline is recognized by The World Air Sports Federation (FAI). Her achievements have also been praised by the Polish air sports associations as she finished in top ten of the prestigious yearly award organized by Skrzydlata Polska magazine.


Maja’s chosen sports achievements:

  • 2016 – The Golden Ten Athletes of Air Sports 2015 in the poll of the magazine “Skrzydlata Polska”,
  • 2016 – 2nd place in the international Freestyle competition – Wind Games in Spain,
  • 2015 – Junior World Champion in the first official FAI World Championships in Prague in the Freestyle category,
  • 2014 – 7th place in the international competitions World Challenge (2-Way Freefly category),
  • 2013 – 9th place in the international competitions Knights of Prague (4-Way Dynamic category).
  • 2013 – 7th place in the international competitions Bedford World Challenge (2-Way Freefly category).

Credit The World Air Games 2017


Last updated on 19 Jul 2017


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