The discipline of Formation Skydiving

Formation Skydiving (FS) is one of the classic discipline of Indoor Skydiving where flyers maintain a belly-down orientation and build formations with accompanying teammates.

Formation Skydiving is a common starting ground for new competitors because it does not require advanced freefall skill and provides measureable progress.

Competitive Formation Skydiving divides categories by number of team members – 2, 3, and 4 person teams – and subcategories are divided by skill level.

These subcategories range from Rookie to Open (the most experienced), and differ by the number and difficulty of formations a team must build in each round of competition.


The tougher the class, the more formations the team is required to perform in each round. All formations are part of a Dive Pool – the standard set of moves grouped into Blocks and Randoms.

1-3 Judges (depending on the scope of the meet) will score the competition live from the flight deck or from video playback of a top-down or bottom-up camera with full view of the flight chamber.

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How to learn Formation Skydiving

If you have already experienced your First Flight and you are willing to become a Sport Flyer just ask for an Instructor or a Coach at your local Wind Tunnel to continue your progression.

In this page you find a list of upcoming tunnel camps, competitions and world class coaches of this discipline.

You may also ask your questions to our Facebook Community or watch our Formation Skydiving YouTube Playlist.


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