Australia’s biggest indoor skydiving event is on again August 2018

Elise Brown

Set your calendar Australia’s biggest indoor skydiving event is on again August 2018. The upcoming edition is set to be the best competition as the sport of indoor skydiving continues to grow in Australia. The venue is iFLY Downunder in Sydney located next to Penrith Panthers. Watch the video highlights from the 2017 Australian indoor skydiving championships.

This year  iFLY Downunder have world champion athlete and judge Andrzej Soltyk from team Vipers flying in to be on the offical judging panel for the event. Competitors can expect the judges to be on the lookout for world class flying at this years competition. More information here.

Indoor Skydiving is open to competitors of all ages and is one of the most inclusive air sports in the world. The even is open to all skill levels from novice, rookie to pro.

There are the more traditional events that come from outdoor skydiving such as 4 way flat flying and VFS (Vertical Formation Skydiving). There are also some of the aesthetic events such as Freestyle and Dynamic Flying that really show off the sport of indoor skydiving and the tunnels full potential.

The public are free to come and watch the event, it’s spectacular and not to be missed particularly on the Saturday when the Freestyle and Dynamic events are running.

This year will be a fierce competition with the 3rd FAI World Cup of Indoor Skydiving 2018 being held just after the Australian Nationals. Our top end Australian indoor skydiving athletes will be fighting it out to gain the right to compete and represent Australia in Bahrain in October. Australian medal winners are eligible to enter and compete at the FAI international event.

Indoor Skydiving in Australia is a fast growing sport and becoming popular with families, kids, youth, the young and the old. Flyers can join the many social events held at each tunnel, compete in the many friendly social scrambles events through the year or choose to up their skill levels, find a team mate and complete at state, national or international levels.

The FAI is recognised as the International Federation for Air Sports. Indoor Skydiving is a recognised as an Air Sports discipline within the FAI and on a fast track to hopefully be included in the Olympics. You can read more details on the push for Indoor Skydiving to be an Olympic sport here.

“See you at the 2018 Australian Open Indoor Skydiving Championships!” – Elise Brown


Last updated on 5 Jun 2018


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