The discipline of Dynamic Flying

The discipline of Dynamic Flying has been created in 2012 and has been growing fast around the world. Flown in 3D, using all the space of the tunnel, it’s a discipline that combines technical and artistic merits. Teams of 4 flyers (D4W) or 2 flyers (D2W) battle in a tournament set up on two different types of round: Speed Round and Free Round.


During the Speed Round, teams have to complete a series of compulsory patterns randomly drawn before the competition begins. It’s a race in 3 dimensions : the time starts when the first flyers crosses the door frame, and stops when the last flyers flies out. No artistic consideration here, the fastest team wins the round!

The Free Round, as its name suggests, is entirely up to the team to create! In 90 seconds in D4W and 60 seconds in D2W, the teams need to convince the judges of their technical and artistic superiority. Teams can fly to music, invent new moves. It’s the most visual of the rounds.

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How to learn Dynamic Flying

If you have already experienced your First Flight and you are willing to become a Sport Flyer just ask for an Instructor or a Coach at your local Wind Tunnel to continue your progression.

In this page you find a list of upcoming tunnel camps, competitions and world class coaches of this discipline.

You may also ask your questions to our Facebook Community or watch our Dynamic Flying YouTube Playlist.


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Aaron FerriTrueItalyitaly europe
Ivan Ifčo Farbak‎TrueCzech Republicczech-republic europe
Leonid VolkovTrueRussiarussia
Mad RavensCzech Republicczech-republic europe
Vojta “Zohan” FikarTrueCzech Republicczech-republic europe
Jonáš KrásaTrueCzech Republicczech-republic europe
Alberto FuertesTrueSpainspain europe
Greg CrozierTrueFrancefrance europe
Andrea ScaramuzzaTrueItalyitaly europe
Maja KuczynskaTruePolandpoland europe
Radek MedunaFalse
Martin DédekTrueCzech Republicczech-republic europe
Honza TurekTrueCzech Republicczech-republic europe
Václav DědekFalse
Josh Ruiz VelascoTruePolandpoland europe
Josh O’DonoghueTrueUnited Kingdomunited-kingdom europe
Pieter VanderhaeghenTrueGermanygermany europe
Clément “Gyzmo” DuclouxTrueFrancefrance europe
Kyra PohTrueSingaporesingapore
Miguel Ángel MarchenaTrueSpainspain europe
Matti MillumakiTrueFinlandfinland europe
Reed RamageTrueAustraliaaustralia
Roberta MancinoTrueItalyitaly europe
Elise BrownTrueAustraliaaustralia
Luke WarrenTrueUnited Kingdomunited-kingdom europe
Coralie BoudreaultFalseCanadacanada
Andrzej SoltykTruePolandpoland europe
Alexandra SaleraTrueSwitzerlandswitzerland europe
Markus SchwarzTrueGermanygermany europe
Nikolai Louis KleftasTrueDenmarkdenmark europe
VipersPolandpoland europe
Dave HyndmanTrueAustraliaaustralia
David HyndmanTrueAustraliaaustralia
Malachi “Chewie” DeAthTrueCanadacanada
Ryan ChristieTrueNetherlandsnetherlands europe
Jarno CordiaTrueSwitzerlandswitzerland europe
César Rico GarcíaTrueSpainspain europe