Decide Together Next Dynamic Flying Moves!

Dynamic Flying Moves
Dynamic Flying Moves

We need you to help us decide on the next divepool moves!

All right gang, its time to present you the new potential moves to be added to the dive pool on May 1, 2022 !!!

The process is simple: we’re gonna make one Facebook post per move, on the Dynamic Flying page.

Each post will have the link to the video illustrating the move + the proposed rule description of it.

Check them out, think about them, fly them in your home tunnels.

Get a feel for them. You can comment and ask questions about the specific move in the comment section of it own post.

About a week from now, we’ll post a google questionaire where you can vote on them, to help us select which ones will be added next!

Please get involved, and share that post to make sure as many competitors as possible get involved. This is your sport. Take an active role in it!


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Last updated on 11 Nov 2021


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