Intergalactic Air Dance – Teaser

Intergalactic Air Dance - Teaser 1
Intergalactic Air Dance - Teaser 1

We have made an intergalactic journey to meet you …

Everybody has ever dreamed about flying. Ten outstanding young freestylers made the dream of humanity come true. They performed this breathtaking show where sport, theatre, dance and audiovisual arts met.

Do you need more evidence that wind tunnel is the place where magic happens? Would like to know more about bodyflying? We are making a documentary about this magical week in August, so stay tuned!

Performers: Leonid Volkov TunnelSport , Amy Watson, Lukacs L Laki, Krysia Wnuk, Coralie Boedrault, Malachi De Ath, Pal L. Laki, Maciej Kucharczuk, Sydney Kennett, Tobias Chaloupka, Hanna Lewis, Mateo Limnaos

Trainers: Inka Tiitto, Leonid Volkov, Maciej Kucharczuk

Coreographer: Yulia Oko

Producer: Laszlo L. Laki

About the Show

Some of the best professional junior freestyle wind tunnel contestants of the world have been prepared for a unique performance. The athletes trained at Superheroes’ Camp training camp in Madrid performed an unconventional show on Saturday, July 15th, 2017 evening that blended sports, music, dance, theatre and visual arts. All contestants had a chance to prove their talent in a one-minute round, which was evaluated by a group of judges consisting of internationally acknowledged experts of wind tunnel sports: world champion and world cup winner Inka Tiitto, world champion Leonid Volkov, choreographer Yulia Oko, film director Andrea Bertok and head of Space Devils Sports Club, Laszlo L. Laki.


Last updated on 20 Jul 2017


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