WCIS 2018 - Australian Team

It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed



There’s no elevator to success; take the stairs. That about says it all and how I feel at age 18, 10 months out of school, working my dream job as an indoor skydiving instructor and training as an indoor skydiving freestyle athlete.

I currently find myself travelling alone in Poland training at Flyspot on my first overseas tunnel trip. Travelling to get coaching from the amazing  Inka Tiitto prior to the 2018 Australian Open Indoor Skydiving Championships. Then onto Bahrain in October for my first international competition representing Australia at the 3rd FAI World Cup of indoor skydiving 2018

FLYSPOT Warsaw – Poland

Elise Brown – FLYSPOT Poland – Coaching with Inka Titto

The 3rd FAI World Cup  of indoor skydiving 2018 where the best of the best will fight it out to be called world champions. It is daunting putting yourself out there competing against the worlds best. But it’s worse never to have tried and try I will!

My last competition I found myself flying the 4,000 km from Sydney to Perth for the WA Indoor Skydiving State Championships arriving with 60 cents to my name and winning a silver medal. I have never felt better with only 60 cents to my name.

These next two trips I will travel the 23 hours and 15,000km to Poland and then in October the 12,000 km to Bahrain.

With 12 weeks left to prepare what are my plans?

As the old saying goes, “In for a penny, in for a pound.” If something is worth doing then you might as well go the whole way and take all the risks. After speaking to the friendly bank manager and getting a loan sorted, I am in Poland 2 weeks prior to the Australian National Championships to do a week long coaching camp with the amazing Inka Tiitto flying 1 hour each day for 5 days and then back to compete in the Open Freestyle category at the Australian Nationals in Sydney at iFLY Downunder.

My training budget in the months leading up to the Australian nationals, including the Poland trip, is 8 hours flying. After the nationals I will aim for another 6 hours training leading up to the FAI World Cup in Bahrain. When I arrive in Bahrain I have 45min tunnel time to train to acclimatise to a new tunnel before the competition starts.

Currently its all about girl power for the Australian athletes representing Australia at the 3rd FAI World Cup in Bahrain. Myself in the open Freestyle category and current Australian junior Freestyle champion Amy Watson. Amy is one of Australia’s highest achieving and talented indoor skydiving athletes, you can follow Amy’s achievements here including Amy’s recent gold medal win at the 2018 Wind Games.

3rd FAI World Cup  of indoor skydiving 2018 – Australian Team
Elise Brown – Amy Watson

WCIS 2018 – Australian Team

At this point I need to thank my supporters, without you I would not be be where I am heading to Bahrain. iFLY Downunder for continuing to support me as a sponsored athlete, Tonfly for the new dynamic and freestyle suits, LVN and Devika. I also need to thank all you great flyers, skydivers and supporters sending your thoughts and wishes on social media.

Who said athletes couldn’t be powered by love and good wishes! It pushes me through the hard times, the lows, the injuries and lifts me up to find my reserves when I need motivation.

I am excited to continue this journey and I will do my best representing Australia to the international tunnel community.

Keep an eye on the events as the Polish Open Indoor Skydiving Championships will be held at Flyspot Katowice in September 2018.

FLySpot Open 2018

Words by Elise Brown



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