Sydney Kennett

Sydney Kennett Resume (Video)

Sydney – 11 yrs old girl from Colorado – tells about her passion about bodyflight and how much she likes meeting new friends flying at wind tunnels around the world. We hope her passion can encourage more kids into the… Read more...

iFLY Aspire Athletic (Video)

Noah (10 yrs old) and his sister Kayleigh (12 yrs old) Wittenburg are two young incredibly talented flyers. They have been members of the 2W Dynamic Team Mini Maktoum, winner of 2015 Clash of Champions in Dubai beating 16 others… Read more...

Flying Kids (Video)

  As soon as these 8 ambitious and passionate kids began flying, they knew stopping was not an option. They quickly formed 2 Indoor Formation Skydiving teams and began training. Their goal? Winning a gold medal at the 2017 FAI… Read more...