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Superheroes Flying Show
Superheroes Flying Show

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The Best Junior Flyers for a Unique Aerial Dance Show

15th July, Saturday night, if you are online, you can experience an aerial dance show with a unique visual world never seen before. The invited participants of the training camp dubbed Superheroes’ Camp running at present in Madrid, organized by MadridFly Wind Tunnel and the Hungarian Space Devils Sports Club, perform the show ‘Intergalactic Air Dance‘, which is the closing event of the one-week training camp. The rounds of the professional wind tunnel contestants, aged between 11 and 16 will be evaluated by such famed judges as the world champion and World Cup winner Inka Tiitto, or world champion Leonid Volkov. Anyone can follow the extraordinary event live on Facebook, starting from 9pm Saturday night.

An unique performance

The best professional junior freestyle wind tunnel contestants of the world have been preparing for a unique performance. The athletes training at present at Superheroes’ Camp training camp in Madrid are performing an unconventional show this Saturday evening that blends sports, music, dance, theatre and visual arts. All contestants will have a chance to prove their talent in a one-minute round, which will be evaluated by a group of judges consisting of internationally acknowledged experts of wind tunnel sports: world champion and world cup winner Inka Tiitto, world champion Leonid Volkov, choreographer Yulia Oko, film director Andrea Bertok and head of Space Devils Sports Club, Laszlo L. Laki. The judges will assess and reward girls and boys separately. The participants of the camp have been preparing for the unconventional show “Intergalactic Airdance” from Day 1 of the camp. The final show can be followed live at the Facebook page of Superheroes’ Flying Camp, from 9pm.

Flyers from all over the world

At Superheroes’ Camp, a camp by invitation running between 10-17th July, 10 outstanding junior freestyle contestants will take part, among others, the Australian champion, Amy Watson or the freestyle world champion, Sydney Kennett from the US. The team of instructors is composed of the most famous professionals in the world, and come from 12 countries: training will be conducted by world champion and winner of the world cup Inka Tiitto, world champion Leonid Volkov and Maciej Kucharczuk, while the final show is created by choreographer Yulia Oko. The producer is Laszlo. L. Laki.

Go beyond

“Our aim with the camp is to go beyond professional development, and provide the best young contestants of the world with a new perspective: to be able to plan their flight creatively and include elements in their program that they never used previously. We would like to encourage contestants to go beyond their limits, and adopt yet rarely applied branches of art in their performance” – said Laszlo L. Laki, director of Space Devils Sports Club.

Space Devils Sports Club wishes to make the new mode of performance, enriched with innovative elements serve the purposes of their movement launched a few months ago: the aim of the several-thousand-member movement is to get indoors skydiving to become a sporting discipline in the Olympic Games. A documentary shot at the camp will also serve the purpose of promoting the sports. The movie will be available on the channels of Space Devils Sports club, and the organisers also hope to screen them at European film festivals.


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