A smashing performance for the Polish athletes

Polish National team athletes have taken home two bronze medals from the large, annual indoor skydiving competition held at Empuriabrava, Spain from 2 to 4 february 2017.

Maja Kuczynska, 17, sealed the 3rd place in Solo Freestyle on Saturday at the Wind Games 2017 edition. After an awesome start in the competition, she experienced some problems on her low speed compulsory round and dropped from the 1st place all the way to the 4th place. However she fought her way back to the podium on the last round, scoring the best points of the competition with a gracious performance of the musical free routine. Kuczynska is a freshly announced Red Bull athlete, the only one in this sport which demands extreme body control, elegance and smooth flying skills.

“I am really happy about my performance at the Wind Games. I had one hick up, but my free routine was scored the highest and it will only motivate me to work harder in the future”, Kuczynska tells herself.

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Maja Kuczynska’s last round
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The other bronze medal was taken home by the Vertical Formation Skydiving (VFS) team Flyspot Definition. They flew an extremely tight competition, but managed to keep their 3rd place in the end by beating the local team by one point. VFS is a discipline where 4 flyers build different kind of formations as fast as they can, flying in head up and head down orientations at very high wind speeds.

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Flyspot Definition flying their 8th and final round
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Both Maja Kuczynska and team Flyspot Definition are sponsored by Flyspot, which is a windtunnel based in Warsaw, Poland. They are doing most of their training in this top of the world -facility which is known for is smooth air and efficient motors building up air speeds up to 300 km / h.

The other Flyspot sponsored Polish athletes are Flyspot Sky4Four (Formation Skydiving, Open category), Flyspot Chicks (Formation skydiving, Open category), Flyspot Elementals (Dynamic 2-way) and 10 years old Krysia Wnuk, who was competing in Solo Freestyle.

Indoor skydiving is a rapidly growing sport and practically anyone can give it a try. Wind tunnel flying can be tested at Flyspot in a safe manner by the help of an experienced flight instructor. Usually beginners fly 3 minutes on their first flight. Flyspot is a popular family and bachelor party destination offering fun and adventurous experiences for both future athletes and one-time thrill seekers. Flyspot is opening two new facilities in Poland in the next couple of years. The one in Katowice will be in use already from 1st of May 2017.

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  • Flyspot Sky4Four (FS Open) – 14th
  • Flyspot Chicks (FS Female) – 5th
  • Flyspot Definition (VFS) – 3rd
  • Flyspot Elementals (D2W) – 15th
  • Maja Kuczynska (Solo Freestyle) – 3rd
  • Krysia Wnuk (Solo Freestyle) – 8th
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Words Heidi Lindewall | Photos Lauri Aapro | Credit Flyspot

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