The moment is almost there! After MadridFly, and Windobona Madrid, Hurricane Factory will be the third wind tunnel in the Spanish capital, making Madrid one of the best cities in the world for indoor skydiving.

Hurricane Factory has already come out with their first pre-opening prices. Pro Flyers can already buy the first hours for the special pre-opening price of €.550 x hour. These pre-opening deals will be on the market till the Hurricane Factory will open the doors for the public, which is planned on march 2017. And no worries you can buy your time now and fly it later. The pre-opening hours can be used till the end of the year 2017.

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Hurricane Factory Madrid - The Building
Hurricane Factory Madrid – The Building
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Where will it be and how Hurricane Factory Madrid is going to look like?

The tunnel is located right by the exit from M-40 with very easy access by all kind of transport. By car, subway or plane. The building of the tunnel is part of the big Sambil outlet shopping mall but with it’s own separate entrance. Except of the tunnel you can enjoy the restaurant and bar accompanied with straight view on the tunnel chamber with all other facilities witch would be necessary for your experience and flight. Wind chamber will be provided with a special video system which allows you to check your flights from different angles right after your experience or download the videos afterwards comfortably from your home.

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Hurricane Factory Madrid - A rendering of the hall
Hurricane Factory Madrid – A rendering of the hall
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Pre-opening special offers

Take the advantage and buy discounted pre-opening tunnel time. Once the Hurricane Factory Madrid will be open, you will enable you to book your time and you can have fun in a 17 footer. This offer will be available only until the tunnel opening to the public (March 2017) and the time bought will be valid until the end of 2017.

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Hurricane Factory Madrid Pre-Opening Offer
Hurricane Factory Madrid Pre-Opening Offer
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About Hurricane Factory

Hurricane Factory is a company who provide indoor skydiving entertainment in Europe in its exclusive locations as Prague, Slovakia, Madrid and Berlin.

Wind tunnels in Madrid and Berlin are bigger projects which are different from the other HF tunnels mainly by their size. Both of them are 17 feet wind tunnels opening both in 2017.

For any information or reservations at Hurricane Factory Madrid see contacts on the wind tunnel page.

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