Maja Kuczynska Red Bull Indoor Skydiving

Maja Kuczynska Red Bull
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Maja Kuczynska Red Bull Indoor Skydiving

The new video on Red Bull’s facebook page had tons of views

Credit Red Bull | Wind Tunnel Flyspot | 19 Dec 2016

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The new video released on Red Bull‘s official facebook page just two days ago had tons of views and shares. Enjoy!

About Maja Kuczynska

Maja Kuczynska was selected by Red Bull as the first officially sponsored athlete belonging to the world of indoor Skydiving and is becoming more and more a world ambassador of our sport.

Red Bull, the global giant of energy drinks, focused on one of the greatest flying talents in recent years: Maja Kuczynska. Indeed Maja is World Junior Champion in Freestyle discipline, world class athlete and protagonist of some of the most viewed video of indoor skydiving ever.

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About Flyspot Wind Tunnel

Flyspot Indoor Skydiving is a beautiful tunnel located in Warsaw and it is easily recognizable by the amazing architecture of the building. Flyspot is made of reinforced concrete which helps keep the tunnel quiet and reduce vibration. This makes Flyspot extremely quiet to the viewers, and provides the highest quality of airflow for the flyers. Surrounding the flight chamber you will find bean bags for lounging and watching people enjoying Flyspot.

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Last updated on 19 Dec 2016


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