Malachi Death
Malachi Death

FlyTheStache – Malachi “Chewie” Death – The IBA’s Youngest Coach

Malachi (Chewie to his friends) – 14 yrs old – has been active in sports for most of his young life. He has competed & medalled in dance & wakesurfing at the National level. He also loves to ski and helps run his family’s water ski school in the summers with aspirations of joining the instructor team. But beyond sports, school is important to Chewie and keeping himself on the Honour Roll, which is how he got into flying! He first went with his family as a reward for a good report card and was hooked, not surprisingly! He absolutely loves being in the tunnel and the feeling of body flying, especially the speed & adrenaline rush that comes from competing in hurricane force winds!

After climbing to the World level of competition in Junior 4-Way Formation Skydiving, Chewie changed focus to 2-Way Dynamic and Freestyle and with the help of his sponsors, in particular, iFLY Toronto, he has once again reached the podium. Now, he has succesfully used the new IBA Coach training material to become the youngest ever coach and he has already started to hone his skills by coaching both younger and older athletes as he continues to progress with his eyes on the Gold at the World Cup in Bahrain and even maybe, one day, The Olympics!

Chewie has been guided through his progression by Guillaume Boileau, who has been an IBA Instructor at SkyVenture Montreal since 2010. Guillaume recalls that he started taking Malachi under his wing in September 2017. He saw all the freefly potential in Chewie and then became his main coach. As one of the few freeestyle competitive athletes in Canada, it was a no brainer? Since then Guillaume has noted that “this clever young man has progressed so fast and he has already made his marks in the freestyle category in several competitions by winning either the Gold or Silver medal every single time”. Guillaume goes on to say that he is immensley proud of the help he has been able to provide Chewie, who should be proud of himself, his dedication to the sport and the results he has achieved so far, “All of this terrifying to older athletes as this is just the beginning” and he is already better that most of his older peers! “A shredding athlete [has been] born and he will just keep improving… He’s killing it right now and he will not stop!”

Well done Chewie!

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