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Team Vipers camp with Rafael | Video

This was one of our first training camps we had as a team!

Credit Team Vipers | Video WindLens | Wind Tunnel Flyspot | 26 Oct 2016

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This was one of our first training camps we had as a team!

Flyers: Andrzej Soltyk and Josh Ruiz-Velasco

Camp with: Rafael Schwaiger

Video by: WindLens

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About Indoor Skydiving

Indoor Skydiving is a revolutionary new sport, the art of human flight in Vertical Wind Tunnels. The powerful air flow generated by massive motors allows everyone from the general public to elite athletes to float in the air, making real flying possible for everybody! Bodyflight is controlled by the movement of each part of the body. The performer can move in any direction without limitation to create highly spectacular 3D gymnastic routines or team formations.

Indoor Skydiving is a fun sport, recognised by the FAI, the International Federation of Airports, who run annual international competitions, a World Cup and a World Championship. Indoor Skydiving is stress-free and safe for people from 3 to 103 years, male or female, from every country. You can fly alone, with friends or start a team in one of the many spectacular disciplines. After proper training and instruction you can fly whenever you wish in any wind tunnel in the world, improve your skills with a coach, make a team, or just have fun. Each session of flight is recorded by cameras. The video can be used to debrief your flight and to share with friends on social networks.

Human beings have always wanted to fly – and now the dream to fly is possible for everybody!

Most of the Wind Tunnels around the world are surrounded by amenities, shopping centres and beautiful cities so that a day spent at the Wind Tunnel is always a day full of enjoyment for you and your family.

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