WCIS 2016 FS4 Open: The Last Round

Indoor Skydiving Champion
Indoor Skydiving Champion


Andy Grauwels from Team HayaBusa celebrating after the last round


WCIS 2016 FS4 Open: The Last Round. The last round on Friday left the two top teams HayaBusa (BEL) and France 2 Weembi Lille with a four point difference, but it did not change the excitement of the battle. The 10th and last round of the competition being a fast draw spiced up with a double switcher anything could still happen. The audience was waiting anxiously for the final fight between the teams.

And they both did deliver, with a game face on, an exact amount of 31 points. For Hayabusa that meant sealing their victory once again, but having to admit that their challenger Weembi Lille did an amazing job getting really close.

However Hayabusa had a good vibe straight after their flight.

“Personal feeling is great. We are happy that it is over, we performed our best. It has not been the most easy competition for us. I would also like to congratulate the French teams”, David Grauwels speaks in behalf of his team.

France 2 Weembi Lille left the 3rd team France 1 behind them by a stunning 23 points.


Last updated on 16 Oct 2016


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