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Aero Gravity Milano
Aero Gravity Milanoopen-to-the-publicitaly europestrojirna-litvinovaero-gravity
AERODIUM AthensAERODIUM Athens Indoor Skydiving (Greece) - Information & Directionsannouncedgreece europeaerodiumaerodium
AERODIUM Buenos Aires
AERODIUM Buenos Airesclosedargentinaaerodiumaerodium
AERODIUM Bulgariaclosedbulgaria europeaerodiumaerodium
AERODIUM CuanQi WorldAERODIUM CuanQi World - Chongqing (China) %%sep%% %%sitename%%open-to-the-publicchinaaerodiumaerodium
AERODIUM Disneyland Shanghai
AERODIUM Disneyland ShanghaiAERODIUM Disneyland Shangai - (China) %%sep%% %%sitename%%privately-operatedchinaaerodiumunbranded
AERODIUM Egypt%%title%% %%page%% - Cairo (Egypt) %%sep%% %%sitename%%open-to-the-publicegyptaerodiumaerodium
AERODIUM Indonesia
AERODIUM Indonesia
AERODIUM Israelopen-to-the-publicisraelaerodiumaerodium
Wind Tunnel Propellers
AERODIUM Kish Islandannouncediranaerodiumaerodium
AERODIUM Lybia - Military Wind Tunnel
AERODIUM Lybia – Military Wind Tunnelprivately-operatedlybiaaerodiumunbranded
AERODIUM Mirabel Frefall Experience
AERODIUM Mirabel%%title%% %%page%% Frefall Experience - Spread Your Wings and Fly!AERODIUM Mirabel is a free fall simulator powered by a 200km/h upward wind. Learning to fly has never been so easy and fun!closedcanadaaerodiumaerodium
AERODIUM Morocco - Military Wind Tunnel
AERODIUM Morocco – Military Wind Tunnelprivately-operatedmoroccoaerodiumunbranded
AERODIUM Oldenzaal
AERODIUM Oldenzaalannouncednetherlands europeaerodiumaerodium
AERODIUM Pakistan - Military Wind Tunnel
AERODIUM Pakistan – Military Wind Tunnelprivately-operatedpakistanaerodiumunbranded
AERODIUM Saudi Arabia - Military Wind Tunnel
AERODIUM Saudi Arabia – Military Wind Tunnelprivately-operatedsaudi-arabiaaerodiumunbranded
AERODIUM Sevilla - First Time Flyer
AERODIUM SevillaAERODIUM Sevilla Wind Tunnel - Information & Directionsopen-to-the-publicspain europeaerodiumaerodium
AERODIUM Sigulda%%title%% %%page%% (Latvia) %%sep%% %%sitename%%open-to-the-publiclatvia europeaerodiumaerodium
AERODIUM Slovenia%%title%% %%page%% - Logatec (Slovenia) %%sep%% %%sitename%%Aerodium Logatec is a open flow wind tunnel of a unique design to experience your First Flight or to train your favourite europeaerodiumaerodium
AERODIUM Smasy Park Cheongna
AERODIUM Smasy Park Cheongna%%title%% %%page%% (South Korea) %%sep%% %%sitename%%under-constructionsouth-koreaaerodiumaerodium
AERODIUM South Korea - Military Wind Tunnel
AERODIUM South Korea – Military Wind Tunnelprivately-operatedsouth-koreaaerodiumunbranded
AERODIUM Ukraineunder-constructionukraine europeaerodiumaerodium
AERODIUM Wuzhizhou Island
AERODIUM Wuzhizhou IslandAERODIUM Wuxhizhou Island - Shenzen (China) %%sep%% %%sitename%%open-to-the-publicchinaaerodiumaerodium
AerodynamikaAerodynamika - Moscow, Russia | Indoor Skydiving WorldAerodynamika can deliver the dream of flight both to first time flyers and sport
Aeroflyopen-to-the-publicukraine europe
AerokartAerokart Paris Indoor Skydiving - Information & Directionsopen-to-the-publicfrance europecustom-builtaerokart
Aeronautica Arena
Aeronautica Arenaopen-to-the-publicfinland europeaerodiumaeronautica-arena
AerotrubaAerotruba - Moscow, Russia | Indoor Skydiving WorldAerotruba Indoor Skydiving Moscow is where the dream of human flight becomes a reality. From children to seniors everybody can fly, just for fun or to start bodyflight as a new exciting
Aerotube Krutitsy - Ryazan Oblast, Russia
Aerotube Krutitsy%%title%% %%page%% - Ryazan Oblast, Russia %%sep%% %%sitename%%open-to-the-publicrussiatornado
AeroVegas, announcednevada united-statesaerodiumaerovegas
Air Experience Copenaghen
Air Experience Copenaghenopen-to-the-publicdenmark europeaerodiumcopenaghen-air-experience
Air Vertical - Simulateur de Chute Libre
Air Vertical%%title%% %%page%% - Simulateur de Chute Libre %%sep%% %%sitename%%Air Vertical - Simulateur de Chute Libre in Hyères (France) - is where the dream of flight becomes a reality. You’ll fall in love with the sensation and the freedom that comes with floating on air and when you do, there’s a new and exciting sport of indoor skydiving to become involved europetornado
Airborne Indoor Skydiving San Diego
Airborne San Diego, Airborne Indoor Skydiving San Diego (USA) - Information & Directionson-holdcalifornia united-statesairborne
AirFlyopen-to-the-publicfrance europetornado
AIRFLY64%%title%% - St Pierre d'Irube, France %%page%% %%sep%% %%sitename%%open-to-the-publicfrance europetornado
AIRSPACE Indoor Skydiving
AirSpaceAIRSPACE Indoor Skydiving - Charleroi, Belgium | IndoorSkydiving.WorldAirSpace Indoor Skydiving is a beautiful wind tunnel located in Charleroi, Belgium. Airspace features a 14 foot - 4.3 meter flying chamber located in the center of a large, beautiful two level europeisgairspace
Amber Fly - Poland
Amber Flyunder-constructionpoland europestrojirna-litvinov
Appalachian Amusement Center
Appalachian Amusement Center, closednorth-carolina united-statescustom-built
Wind Tunnel Propellers
Bannar Vertical Wind Tunnel, privately-operatedarizona united-statesskyventure
Bodyflight Gothenburg
Bodyflight Gothenburgopen-to-the-publicsweden europewindtunnel-construction-internationalbodyflight
Bodyflight Mobile X1
Bodyflight Mobile X1
Bodyflight Stockholm
Bodyflight StockholmBodyflight Stockholm Indoor Skydiving (Sweden) - Information & Directionsopen-to-the-publicsweden europewindtunnel-construction-internationalbodyflight
BodyFlyingBodyFlying is a wind tunnel for indoor skydiving in Zurich, Swiss.closedswitzerland europebodyflying-ag
Caracas Fly
Caracas Flyopen-to-the-publicvenezuelaeydisacaracas-fly
Chaijinda Wind Tunnelopen-to-the-publicthailandstrojirna-litvinovchaijinda-wind-tunnel
Chengdu Wind Tunnel
Chengdu Wind Tunnelopen-to-the-publicchinacustom-built
City Skydive
City Skydiveopen-to-the-publicnetherlands europecustom-builtcity-skydive
CLYMB Abu Dhabi
CLYMB Abu Dhabiopen-to-the-publicunited-arab-emiratesskyventureclymb
Dalian Flight Experience
Dalian Flight Experienceopen-to-the-publicchinaaerodiumdalian-flight-experience
EasyFly Koh Samui
EasyFly Thailandopen-to-the-publicthailandcustom-built
Egypt EMOD Militaryunder-constructionegyptskyventure
Flow Moscow - Space Flyer
Flow Moscow%%title%% Indoor Skydiving - Information & Directionsopen-to-the-publicrussiatunnel-technologiesflow-moscow
Fly 4 Real
Fly 4 RealFly 4 Real - Málaga, Spain %%sep%% %%sitename%%open-to-the-publicspain europeaerodium
Fly Experience
Fly Experiencecloseditaly europecustom-builtfly-experience
FLY Tornado MX
FLY Tornado MXopen-to-the-publicmexicotornado
Fly Vision Frankfurt
Fly Vision Frankfurton-holdgermany europe
Fly X Rome - Indoor Skydiving
Fly X Rome%%title%% - Rome, Italy%%page%% %%sep%% %%sitename%%open-to-the-publicitaly europetornadofly-x
Fly-InFly-In Wind Tunnel Liege - Info and Eventsopen-to-the-publicbelgium europestrojirna-litvinovfly-in
Flyaway, open-to-the-publictennessee united-statesaerodiumflyaway
Flycan Sweden - Rendering
Flycanunder-constructionsweden europeisg
FlyHausannouncedgermany europe
Flying Dream
Flying Dream%%title%% %%page%% - World's First Flying Amphitheatre %%sep%% %%sitename%%open-to-the-publicchinaaerodiumflying-dream
Flyspot Gdansk
Flyspot Gdanskannouncedpoland europeisgflyspot
Flyspot Katowice
Flyspot Katowiceopen-to-the-publicpoland europeisgflyspot
Flyspot Warsaw
Flyspot Warsawopen-to-the-publicpoland europeisgflyspot
Flyspot Wroclaw
Flyspot Wroclawopen-to-the-publicpoland europestrojirna-litvinovflyspot
FlyStation Akishima
FlyStation Akishimaunder-constructionjapantunnel-technologies
FlyStation Chiba New Town
FlyStation Chiba New Townunder-constructionjapantunnel-technologies
FlyStation Japan Koshigaya
FlyStation Japan%%title%% %%page%% Indoor Skydiving %%sep%% %%sitename%%FlyStation Japan Koshigaya is the first vertical wind tunnel in Japan. This state-of-the-art technology combines excitement and safety and allows you to enjoy your flight as much as you
FlyStation Korea
FlyStation KoreaFlyStation Korea - Yongin, South Korea | Indoor Skydiving Worldopen-to-the-publicsouth-koreatunnel-technologiesflystation
FlyStation Munich
FlyStation Munichopen-to-the-publicgermany europecustom-builtflystation
FlyStation Osaka
FlyStation Osakaannouncedjapantunnel-technologies
FlyStation St. Petersburg
FlyStation St. Petersburg%%title%% Indoor Skydiving (Russia) %%page%% %%sep%% %%sitename%%FlyStation is a beautiful wind tunnel in St.Petersburg, Russia. It offers competitive rates and hosts some of the best coaches from around the
FlyStation Yokohama
FlyStation Yokohamaannouncedjapantunnel-technologies
Flyxpress Eilat
Flyxpress EilatFlyxpress Eliat Indoor Skydiving (Israel) - Information & DirectionsHave you ever dreamt of flying? Now you can! Make your first flight now and start bodyflight as a new exciting sport!open-to-the-publicisraeltornadoflyxpress
FlyZoneopen-to-the-publicfrance europebodyflying-ag
Fööni Helsinki
Fööni HelsinkiFööni Indoor Skydiving Helsinki - Finland | Indoor Skydiving WorldFööni is where the dream of human flight becomes a reality .From children to seniors everybody can fly, just for fun or to start a new exciting europeisgfooni
Freefall Xtreme
Freefall Xtremeopen-to-the-publicnew-zealandbodyflying-ag
Freefly Center
Freefly Centeropen-to-the-publicpoland europecustom-built
Freezone I
Freezone IFreezone I - Moscow, Russia | Indoor Skydiving WorldFreezone Indoor Skydiving is not far from Moscow and is one of the most comfortable wind tunnels in the world both for first and experienced
Freezone II
Freezone IIFreezone II - Moscow, Russia | Indoor Skydiving WorldFreezone Indoor Skydiving is not far from Moscow and is one of the most comfortable wind tunnels in the world both for first and experienced
Fritz’s AERODIUMFritz's AERODIUM - Branson, Missouri (USA) %%sep%% %%sitename%%closedunited-statesaerodiumaerodium
Fun Fly
Fun Flyopen-to-the-publicunited-arab-emirates
GoAirborne Macau
GoAirborne MacauGoAirborne Macau Indoor Skydiving (China) - Information & DirectionsHave you ever dreamt of flying? Now you can! Book your first flight now and start bodyflight as a new exciting sport!open-to-the-publicchinaaerodiumgoairborne
GravityGravity Indoor Skydiving - Zallaq, Bahrain | IndoorSkydiving.WorldJump in to Gravity! Bahrain’s first indoor skydiving experience awaits you! You can’t resist the incredible feeling of freefall!closedbahrainaerodiumgravity
HALO-HAHOprivately-operatedpoland europestrojirna-litvinov
HiFly Madrid
HiFly MadridHurricane Factory Madrid Indoor Skydiving - Spread Your Wings and Fly!open-to-the-publicspain europestrojirna-litvinovhifly
Hurricane Factory Berlin
Hurricane Factory BerlinHurricane Factory Berlin (Germany) | Indoor Skydiving WorldHurricane Factory Berlin is the biggest wind tunnel in Germany. Find out what it’s like to fly and float in 3 dimensional space europestrojirna-litvinovhurricane-factory
Hurricane Factory Prague
Hurricane Factory Pragueopen-to-the-publicczech-republic europestrojirna-litvinovhurricane-factory
Hurricane Factory Tatralandia
Hurricane Factory Tatralandia%%title%% %%page%% - Liptovský Mikuláš (Slovakia) %%sep%% %%sitename%%Hurricane Factory Tatralandia is a unique adrenaline attraction where you can experience free fall – as if jumping from a plane or cliff europestrojirna-litvinovhurricane-factory
I Can Fly
I Can FlyI Can Fly - Moscow, Russia | Indoor Skydiving WorldI Can Fly is where the dream of human flight becomes a reality.From children to seniors everybody can fly, just for fun or to start bodyflight as a new exciting
Ice Mountain Indoor Skydiving
Ice Mountain Indoor Skydivingopen-to-the-publicbelgium europeisgice-mountain
iFLY 14ft - Render
iFLY Aix-Marseilleannouncedfrance europeskyventureifly
iFLY Atlanta
iFLY Atlanta, open-to-the-publicgeorgia united-statesskyventureifly
iFLY Austin
iFLY Austin, %%title%% - Austin, Texas (USA) %%page%% %%sep%% %%sitename%%open-to-the-publictexas united-statesskyventureifly
iFLY Bali
iFLY Baliopen-to-the-publicindonesiaskyventureifly
iFLY Baltimore
iFLY Baltimore, %%title%% Indoor Skydiving - Information & DirectionsiFLY Baltimore is where the dream of human flight becomes a reality.From children to seniors everybody can fly, just for fun or to start bodyflight as a new exciting united-statesskyventureifly
iFLY Basingstoke - Wind Tunnel
iFLY Basingstoke%%title%% %%page%% Indoor Skydiving %%sep%% %%sitename%%iFLY Basingstoke is a super-fast and super-cool wind tunnel for indoor skydiving. Not only can you experience the thrill of indoor skydiving but europeskyventureifly
iFLY Birmingham - The Bear Grylls Adventure Park
iFLY BirminghamiFLY Indoor Skydiving Birmingham (UK) - The Bear Grylls Adventure ParkThe Bear Grylls Adventure Park hosts many thrill-seeking activities including scuba diving, indoor skydiving, Europe’s highest free-roam high ropes and zip lining from a Chinook europeskyventureifly
iFLY Brasilia Lago Sul
iFLY Brasilia Lago Sul%%title%% Indoor Skydiving (Brazil) - Information & DirectionsiFLY Sao Paulo Pinheiros is a 12ft state of the art wind tunnel. The perfect wind tunnel to try your first flight or to start
iFLY Brisbane
iFLY BrisbaneiFLY Brisbane Indoor Skydiving (Australia) - Information & Directionsopen-to-the-publicaustraliaskyventureifly
iFLY Bristol
iFLY BristolHave you ever dreamt of flying? At %%title%% you can! Book your first flight or event and discover bodyflight as an exciting new sport.announcedunited-kingdom europeskyventureifly
iFLY Calgary
iFLY CalgaryiFLY Calgary Indoor Skydiving - Information & DirectionsiFLY Calgary Indoor Skydiving is where the dream of human flight becomes real. You’ll fall in love with thie new exciting
iFLY Charlotte
iFLY Charlotte, open-to-the-publicnorth-carolina united-statesskyventureifly
iFLY Chicago Lincoln Park
iFLY Chicago Lincoln Park, open-to-the-publicillinois united-statesskyventureifly
iFLY Chicago Naperville
iFLY Chicago Naperville, open-to-the-publicillinois united-statesskyventureifly
iFLY Chicago Rosemont
iFLY Chicago Rosemont, open-to-the-publicillinois united-statesskyventureifly
iFLY Cincinnati
iFLY Cincinnati, iFLY Cincinnati - Liberty Township, Ohio | Indoor Skydiving WorldiFLY Cincinnati Indoor Skydiving is where the dream of flight becomes a reality. Become a part of something bigger than yourself. You’ll fall in love united-statesskyventureifly
iFLY Colorado Springs
iFLY Colorado Springs, open-to-the-publiccolorado united-statesskyventureifly
iFLY 14ft - Render
iFLY Copenhagenannounceddenmark europeskyventureifly
iFLY Dallas
iFLY Dallas, %%title%% %%page%% Indoor Skydiving - Information & Directionsopen-to-the-publictexas united-statesskyventureifly
iFLY Denver
iFLY Denver, open-to-the-publiccolorado united-statesskyventureifly
iFLY Downunder
iFLY Downunderopen-to-the-publicaustraliaskyventureifly
iFLY Dubai I and II
iFLY Dubai I and IIopen-to-the-publicunited-arab-emiratesskyventureifly
iFLY Edmonton
iFLY Edmontonannouncedcanadaskyventureifly
iFLY 14ft - Render
iFLY El Paso, iFLY El Paso Indoor Skydiving - Texas, USA | Indoor Skydiving WorldiFLY El Paso is where the dream of human flight becomes a reality. From children to seniors everybody can fly, just for fun or to start a new exciting united-statesskyventureifly
iFLY Fort Lauderdale
iFLY Fort Lauderdale, open-to-the-publictexas united-statesskyventureifly
iFLY Fort Worth
iFLY Fort Worth, open-to-the-publictexas united-statesskyventureifly
iFLY Gold Coast
iFLY Gold Coastopen-to-the-publicaustraliaskyventureifly
iFLY Hollywood
iFLY Hollywood, open-to-the-publiccalifornia united-statesskyventure
iFLY Houston Memorial
iFLY Houston Memorial, open-to-the-publictexas united-statesskyventureifly
iFLY Houston Woodlands
iFLY Houston Woodlands, open-to-the-publictexas united-statesskyventureifly
iFLY Jacksonville
iFLY Jacksonville, iFLY Jacksonville Indoor Skydiving - Information & Directionsopen-to-the-publicflorida united-statesskyventureifly
iFLY Jakarta
iFLY Jakarta%%title%% - Jakarta, Indonesia %%sep%% %%sitename%%announcedindonesiaskyventureifly
iFLY Jihua Park 3
iFLY Jihua Park 3under-constructionchinaskyventure
iFLY Chongqing Jihua Park
iFLY Jihua Park ChongqingiFLY Chongqing Jihua Park | IndoorSkydiving.WorldiFLY Chongqing Jihua Park - Wind Tunnel. The vertical wind tunnel in Jihua Park is both for entertainment purpose and skydiving
iFLY Kansas City
iFLY Kansas City, open-to-the-publicnew-york united-statesskyventureifly
iFLY Las Vegas
iFLY Las Vegas, announcednevada united-statesskyventureifly
iFLY London at The 02
iFLY London at The 02announcedunited-kingdom europeskyventureifly
iFLY Loudoun
iFLY Loudoun, open-to-the-publicunited-states virginiaskyventureifly
iFLY Lyon Indoor Skydiving
iFLY Lyon%%title%% %%page%% Indoor Skydiving - Lyon, France %%sep%% %%sitename%%iFLY Lyon is the latest technology featuring a 14 foot wall to wall recirculating flight chamber with air conditioning. The building is nice and spacious europeskyventureifly
iFLY Manchester
iFLY Manchester%%title%% Indoor Skydiving (UK) - Information & Directionsopen-to-the-publicunited-kingdom europeskyventureifly
iFLY Melbourne
iFLY Melbourneopen-to-the-publicaustraliaskyventureifly
iFLY Milton Keynes
iFLY Milton Keynesopen-to-the-publicunited-kingdom europeskyventureifly
iFLY Minneapolis
iFLY Minneapolis, iFLY Minneapolis Indoor Skydiving is where the dream of flight becomes a reality. You’ll fall in love with the freedom that comes with floating on air united-statesskyventureifly
iFLY Minsk - Render Building
iFLY MinskiFLY Minsk Indoor Skydiving - Information & DirectionsiFLY Minsk is the latest wind tunnel technology. It's a 14 foot wall to wall recirculating wind tunnel with air europeskyventureifly
Indoor Skydiving at iFLY Montgomery
iFLY Montgomery, iFLY Montgomery Indoor Skydiving - Information & Directionsopen-to-the-publicmaryland united-statesskyventureifly
iFLY Montreal
iFLY Montrealopen-to-the-publiccanadaskyventureifly
iFLY 14ft - Render
iFLY Mount Laurel, on-holdnew-jersey united-statesskyventure
iFLY Oceanside
iFLY Oceanside, open-to-the-publiccalifornia united-statesskyventureifly
iFLY Oklahoma City
iFLY Oklahoma City, open-to-the-publicoklahoma united-statesskyventureifly
iFLY Ontario Indoor Skydiving
iFLY Ontario Indoor Skydiving, open-to-the-publiccalifornia united-statesskyventureifly
iFLY Orlando I
iFLY Orlando I, cancelledflorida united-statesskyventureskyventure
iFLY Orlando II
iFLY Orlando II, open-to-the-publicflorida united-statesskyventureifly
iFLY Paramus
iFLY Paramus, open-to-the-publicnew-jersey united-statesskyventureifly
iFLY Paris
iFLY ParisiFLY Paris Indoor Skydiving | IndoorSkydiving.WorldDiscover the thrilling of indoor skydiving in a wind flow up to 270 km/h, in a spectacular wind tunnel featuring a unique glass tube. From 5 years old europeskyventureifly
iFLY Perth
iFLY Perthopen-to-the-publicargentinaskyventureifly
iFLY Philadelphia
iFLY Philadelphia, open-to-the-publicpennsylvania united-statesskyventureifly
iFLY Phoenix
iFLY Phoenix, open-to-the-publicarizona united-statesskyventureifly
iFLY Portland
iFLY Portland, open-to-the-publicoregon united-statesskyventureifly
iFLY Queenstown
iFLY QueenstowniFLY Queenstown - New Zealand %%sep%% %%sitename%%open-to-the-publicnew-zealandskyventure
iFLY Sacramento
iFLY Sacramento, open-to-the-publiccalifornia united-statesskyventureifly
iFLY Salt Lake City
iFLY Salt Lake City, open-to-the-publicunited-states utahskyventureifly
iFLY San Antonio
iFLY San Antonio, open-to-the-publictexas united-statesskyventureifly
iFLY San Diego
iFLY San Diego, open-to-the-publiccalifornia united-statesskyventureifly
iFLY San Francisco Bay
iFLY San Francisco Bay, open-to-the-publiccalifornia united-statesskyventureifly
iFLY Sao Paulo Pinheiros
iFLY Sao Paulo Pinheirosopen-to-the-publicswitzerland europeskyventure
iFLY Seattle
iFLY Seattle, open-to-the-publicunited-states washingtonskyventureifly
iFLY 14ft - Render
iFLY Shenzhenunder-constructionchinaskyventure
iFLY Singapore
iFLY Singaporeopen-to-the-publicsingaporeskyventureifly
iFLY 14ft - Render
iFLY Sydney Moore ParkiFLY Sydney - Moore Park, Australia | Indoor Skydiving Worldannouncedaustraliaskyventureifly
iFLY Tampa
iFLY Tampa, iFLY Tampa - Tampa, Florida (USA) | Indoor Skydiving Worldopen-to-the-publicflorida united-statesskyventureifly
iFLY Toronto Oakville
iFLY Toronto Oakville%%title%% %%page%% Indoor Skydiving %%sep%% %%sitename%%iFLY Toronto Oakville Indoor Skydiving is where the dream of flight becomes a reality. Become a part of something bigger than yourself. You’ll fall in love with the sensation and the freedom that comes with floating on air and when you do, there’s a new and exciting sport to become
iFLY Toronto Whitby
iFLY Toronto Whitbyopen-to-the-publiccanadaskyventureifly
iFLY Utah
iFLY Utahopen-to-the-publicskyventure
iFLY Vancouver BC
iFLY Vancouver BCunder-constructioncanadaskyventureifly
iFLY Virginia Beach
iFLY Virginia Beachopen-to-the-publicsweden europeskyventureifly
iFLY Westchester
iFLY Westchester, Where the dream of flight becomes a reality. You’ll fall in love with the freedom that comes with floating on air united-statesskyventureifly
Wind Tunnel Propellers
Indoor Skydive Brusselsannouncedbelgium europe
Indoor Skydive Roosendaal
Indoor Skydive Roosendaalopen-to-the-publicgreece europecustom-builtindoor-skydive-roosendaal
Indoor Skydiving Bottrop
Indoor Skydiving Bottrop%%title%% - Spread Your Wings and Fly!open-to-the-publicgermany europeisgindoor-skydiving-bottrop
Wind Tunnel Propellers
Indoor Skydiving Germany Bilbaoannouncedspain europeisgindoor-skydiving
Indoor Skydiving Krakow
Indoor Skydiving Krakowannouncedpoland europeeydisa
Indoor Skydiving Quantum of the Seas
Indoor Skydiving Quantum of the Seasopen-to-the-publiccruise-shipskyventure
Indoor Skydiving Viernheim
Indoor Skydiving Viernheim%%title%% - Spread Your Wings and Fly!open-to-the-publicgermany europeisgindoor-skydiving-viernheim
Indoor Wingsuit Flying Stockholm
Indoor Wingsuit Flying Stockholmopen-to-the-publicsweden europecustom-built
InFlight Dubai 16
InFlight Dubai 16open-to-the-publicunited-arab-emiratesskyventureinflight
Jochen Schweizer Arena
Jochen Schweizer Arenaopen-to-the-publicgermany europecustom-builtjochen-schweizer-arena
LEAP Fly & Padel Center
LEAP Fly & Padel CenterOpening in mid 2023 this will be the 17th Wind Tunnel built bye german company ISG. under-constructionsweden europeisgleap
LetariumLetarium - Moscow, Russia | Indoor Skydiving WorldLetarium is an indoor skydiving wind tunnel in Moscow with a powerful and smooth airflow, perfect for professional athletes as for europetornadoletarium
Wind Tunnel Propellers
Levofly%%title%% Indoor Skydiving %%page%% %%sep%% %%sitename%%announcedspain europecustom-built
Luxfly Indoor Skydive
Luxfly Indoor Skydive%%title%% - Spread Your Wings and Fly!open-to-the-publicbelgium europetunnel-technologiesluxfly
Madrid Fly
Madrid Flyopen-to-the-publicspain europeeydisamadrid-fly
MegaFlyopen-to-the-publicnorway europetornado
Modern Activity Center
Modern Activity Center%%title%% %%page%% - Oslo, Norway %%sep%% %%sitename%%open-to-the-publicnorway europeisgmodern-activity-center
Niagara Freefall
Niagara FreefallNiagara Freefall Indoor Skydiving - Information & DirectionsFulfill your dream to fly… experience the thrill of skydiving in a safe environmentally controlled indoor vertical wind
On Air Soufflerie
On Air SoufflerieThis location is a custom designed, unique open flow wind tunnel to be constructed in europecustom-built
Paraclete XP SkyVenture
Paraclete XP SkyVenture, open-to-the-publicnorth-carolina united-statesskyventureparaclete-xp
Perris SkyVenture
Perris SkyVenture, open-to-the-publiccalifornia united-statesskyventure
Qatar Military Wind Tunnelprivately-operatedqatarskyventure
RealFly Sion
RealFly SionRealFly Indoor Skydiving - Sion (Switzerland) %%sep%% %%sitename%%RealFly is an indoor skydiving freefall simulator to reproduce the perfect flying sensation. Alone, with family, or with friends, come and defy the
RipCord by iFly 4
RipCord by iFly 4under-constructioncruise-shipskyventure
RipCord by iFly 5
RipCord by iFly 5under-constructioncruise-shipskyventure
RipCord by iFly on Anthem of the Seas
RipCord by iFly on Anthem of the Seasopen-to-the-publicunited-statesskyventure
RipCord by iFly on Ovation of the Seas
RipCord by iFly on Ovation of the Seasopen-to-the-publiccruise-shipskyventure
Saba Sky Diving
Saba Sky Divingopen-to-the-publicunited-kingdom europecustom-built
Samara Wind Tunnel
Samara Wind Tunnelopen-to-the-publicunited-kingdom europecustom-built
Wind Tunnel Propellers
Skydive Arena Malagaannouncedspain europestrojirna-litvinov
Wind Tunnel Propellers
Skydive Arena Mallorcaannouncedspain europestrojirna-litvinov
Wind Tunnel Propellers
Skydive Arena MoscowSkydive Arena - Moscow, Russia | Indoor Skydiving Worldannouncedrussiastrojirna-litvinovskydive-arena
SkyDream Monaco
SkyDream Monacoopen-to-the-publicmonaco europetornado
SkyDrenaline Zone 1
SkyDrenaline Zone 1open-to-the-publicbodyflight-mobile-systems
SkyDrenaline Zone 2
SkyDrenaline Zone 2cancelledbodyflight-mobile-systems
SkyflySkyfly, Krasnoyarsk, Russia | Indoor Skydiving Worldopen-to-the-publicrussiatornadoskyfly
SkyVenture Abu Dhabi
SkyVenture Abu Dhabi
SkyVenture Alcantarilla
SkyVenture Alcantarillaprivately-operatedskyventure
SkyVenture Arizona
SkyVenture Arizonaopen-to-the-publicskyventure
SkyVenture Genting
SkyVenture Gentingclosedskyventureifly
SkyVenture Goiania
SkyVenture Goianiaprivately-operatedskyventure
SkyVenture Nad al Sheba
SkyVenture Nad al Shebaprivately-operatedskyventure
SkyVenture New Hampshire
SkyVenture New Hampshireopen-to-the-publicskyventure
Skyward%%title%% %%page%% Indoor Skydiving - Budapest (Hungary) %%sep%% %%sitename%%open-to-the-publiccustom-built
Spacewalk Abu Dhabi
Spacewalk Abu Dhabiopen-to-the-publicunited-arab-emiratesspacewalk
Wind Tunnel Propellers
Start Skydiving Wind Tunnel, announcedohio united-statescustom-built
Super Flight Miami
Super Flight Miami, Super Flight - Miami, Florida (USA) %%sep%% %%sitename%%Super Flight Miami is where the dream of human flight becomes a reality. From children to seniors everybody can fly, just for fun or to start bodyflight as a new exciting united-statesaerodiumsuper-flight
Tanay Wind - Kemerovo, Russia
Tanay Wind%%title%% %%page%%- Kemerovo, Russia %%sep%% %%sitename%%open-to-the-publicrussiatornado
Terminal Zero
Terminal Zeroopen-to-the-publicspain europestrojirna-litvinovterminal-zero
ThaiFlyHave you ever dreamt of flying? At %%title%% you can! Book your first flight or event and discover bodyflight as an exciting new sportannouncedthailandcustom-built
Time to Fly
Time to Flyopen-to-the-publictornado
Tornado by Best Air Training
Tornado by Best Air Trainingopen-to-the-publictornado
Twinwood Adventures(Bodyflight Bedford)
Twinwood Adventures
(Bodyflight Bedford)
Twinwoods Adventure Bodyflight Bedford (UK) | IndoorSkydiving.WorldBodyflight Bedford is one the largest wind tunnel in the world. Opened in 2005 Bodyflight Bedford hosts yearly the famous World Challenge competition.closedunited-kingdom europecustom-builttwinwood-adventures
UFLY Sports
UFLY Sportsopen-to-the-publicbodyflight-mobile-systems
Ulet Pro
Ulet Pro, open-to-the-publicnew-york united-statestornado
Urban Air Bee Cave
Urban Air Bee Cave, Urban Air Bee Cave Indoor Skydiving (Texas) - Information & DirectionsExperience the rush of free fall, with no harness, no chute and none of the risks of leaping from a perfectly good plane. Float on a cushion of air and ...under-constructiontexas united-statesaerolaburban-air
Urban Air Fort Worth
Urban Air Fort Worth, Urban Air Adventure Park - Fort Worth, TX %%sep%% %%sitename%%Experience the rush of free fall, with no harness, no chute and none of the risks of leaping from a perfectly good plane. Float on a cushion of air and united-statesaerolaburban-air
VacuumVacuum - Moscow, Russia | Indoor Skydiving WorldVacuum Indoor Skydiving Moscow is where the dream of human flight becomes a reality. From children to seniors everybody can fly, just for fun or to start bodyflight as a new exciting
Vegas Indoor Skydiving
Vegas Indoor Skydiving, %%title%% Experience - Spread Your Wings and Fly!Have you ever dreamt of flying? At %%title%% now you can! Book your first flight and discover an exciting new united-statesaerodiumvegas-indoor-skydiving
Voss Vind
Voss Vindopen-to-the-publicnorway europeisgvoss-vind
Vuela Túnel de Viento
Vuela Túnel de Vientoopen-to-the-publicargentinacustom-builtvuela
WeembiWeembi Indoor Skydiving Lille - Information & DirectionsBased in Lille, the new leisure concept Weembi hosts one of the largest indoor skydiving wind tunnel in the world. Completely circular, the tunnel is europestrojirna-litvinovweembi
Wind Up
Wind Upopen-to-the-publicbrazildynamis
Wind Zone
Wind Zone%%title%% - Perm (Russia) %%page%% %%sep%% %%sitename%%open-to-the-publicrussiafreefly-technology
WindalpsWindalps Indoor Skydiving in Mery (France) - Information & Directionsopen-to-the-publicfrance europetunnel-technologieswindalps
WINDOBONA Berlinopen-to-the-publicgermany europeisgwindobona
Windobona Madrid - Stage
WINDOBONA Madridopen-to-the-publicspain europeisgwindobona
Windobona MilanWindobona Milan | IndoorSkydiving.Worldon-holditaly europeisg
WINDOBONA Niceannouncedfrance europeisg
WINDOBONA Paris, announcedeurope franceisgwindobona
Windobona Wien
Windobona Wien, open-to-the-publicaustria europeisgwindobona
Windoor Barcelona - First Time Flyer
WINDOOR BarcelonaWindoor Barcelona is where the dream of human flight becomes a reality. From children to seniors everybody can fly europeisgwindoor
WINDOOR RealflyWindoor Realfly Indoor Skydiving is one of the friendliest indoor skydiving tunnel in Europe. At Indoor Skydiving Windoor you can tunnel fly and enjoy europestrojirna-litvinovwindoor
Windwerk Indoor Skydiving - Flying Kid
WindwerkWindwerk Indoor Skydiving Zurich is where the dream of human flight becomes a reality. You’ll fall in love with the freedom that comes with floating on air. From children to seniors everybody can fly europeisgwindwerk
Yangon Indoor Skydiving
Yangon Indoor Skydivingopen-to-the-publicmyanmaraerodiumyangon
Zero Gravity Wind Tunnel
zerOGravityopen-to-the-publicfrance europeisgzero-gravity