Love Flying? Life - FlyStation Japan

Love Flying? Life (Video)

FlyStation is the first Indoor Skydiving Facility opened in Japan. Who are these men in white costume? Where is this place? What’s going to happen? The Indoor Skydivers featured in this movie are instructors at FlyStation Japan. Enjoy the magnificence,… Read more...
Love Flying? Wind - FlyStation Japan

Love Flying? Wind (Video)

FlyStation is the first Indoor Skydiving Facility opened in Japan. This movie is an expression of the tremendous power of the wind speed in FlyStation’s “Wind Tunnel”. You will be “blown away” with the maximum wind speed of 360km/h created… Read more...
Love Flying? Peace - FlyStation Japan

Love Flying? Peace (Video)

FlyStation is the first Indoor Skydiving Facility opened in Japan. Showing a sumo wrestler’s flight, this movie highlights the thrill of riding on winds with a maximum speed of 360km/h. Could this really happen? Enjoy the expression of “body ripples”… Read more...
Indoor Skydiving Virtual Reality

Indoor Skydiving Virtual Reality

iFLY 360 Virtual Reality Experience What is Indoor Skydiving Virtual Reality? The realm of possibility within the wind tunnel is only jut beginning to be tapped into. Beyond the first-time experience or training for traditional skydiving disciplines, wind tunnel enthusiasts… Read more...
Out of Frame with Maja Kuczynska

Out of Frame with Maja Kuczynska

  Forging new paths through technology Seventeen-year-old Maja Kuczyńska is already more comfortable dancing through the air than many longtime skydivers, but the first-ever Junior Indoor Skydiving World Champion has never actually jumped out of an airplane. From overcoming physical… Read more...
Flying Dancers by Night - Aero Gravity Milano

Flying Dancers by Night

Tunnel Flying and Aerial Silk together for the first time … Performers: Roberta Mancino (Indoor Skydiving Dancer) Marta Orlandelli (Aerial Silk Dancer) A project by Turbolenza in collaboration with Aero Gravity Milano Video Tommaso Gorani  … Read more...
Wind Tunnel Safety White Paper

Wind Tunnel Safety White Paper

  Abstract This white paper discusses wind tunnel safety. This paper aims to inform flyers of the varying safety features tunnels may have and their relative importance. Furthermore it aims to spark a conversation within the industry regarding safety in… Read more...

Elise Brown iFLY Sponsored Athlete

iFLY is thrilled to announce that we have yet another chance to promote the sport of indoor skydiving in Australia, adding a second female to our team of sponsored athletes! Meet 17-year-old Elise Brown, who has been exploring body movement… Read more...
The Box Games - 13.07.2017

The Box Games 2017 (Video)

The Box Games is a video about the competition held at FlyBox on the 13/07/2017. It was the first competition in the wind tunnel with almost 40 competitors – aged from 8 to 60 – in 3 different flying disciplines.… Read more...

Hurricane Factory Madrid First Flights

 The largest wind tunnel in Spain is now open. Watch the first happy flyers enjoying this masterpiece of technology and power. About Hurricane Factory Madrid Hurricane Factory Madrid is for it’s diameter one of the world’s biggest wind tunnel. … Read more...
Summer Is Here @ FlyBox

Summer is Here @ FlyBox

[dt_gap height=”10″ /] [dt_divider style=”thin” /] [dt_gap height=”10″ /] Summer is Here @ FlyBox A day as usual becomes an extraordinary one in Israel … 26 July 2017 | Wind Tunnel : FlyBox (Israel) [dt_gap height=”10″ /] [dt_gap height=”10″ /]… Read more...
Intergalactic Air Dance - Teaser 1

Intergalactic Air Dance – Teaser

We have made an intergalactic journey to meet you … Everybody has ever dreamed about flying. Ten outstanding young freestylers made the dream of humanity come true. They performed this breathtaking show where sport, theatre, dance and audiovisual arts met.… Read more...
Maja Kuczynska - TWG2017

Maja Kuczyńska Ambassador of TWG2017

Maja Kuczyńska, the reigning Junior World Champion in Indoor Skydiving Freestyle, is The World Games’ 2017 Ambassador for air sports. There are three air competitions during TWG2017 in Wrocław: canopy piloting, glider aerobatics and paramotoring. Maja Kuczyńska, even though does… Read more...
US Indoor Skydiving Nationals

IBA US Nationals at iFLY Virginia Beach

An extraordinary weekend it was. The dedicated team at iFLY Virginia Beach worked tirelessly to deliver a seamlessly organized and top-notch quality event, raising the standard for what is possible in tunnel competitions. With this meet being the US Nationals,… Read more...
Indoor Skydiving Austrian Championships 2017

Austrian Nationals in Indoor Skydiving 2017

[dt_divider style=”thin” /] Austrian Nationals in Indoor Skydiving 2017 Locomotion and Final Fire are the first Austrian Champions 02 Mar 2017 | Wind Tunnel WINDOBONA Wien | Credit Michael Krikula [dt_gap height=”10″ /] On Saturday 25th 2017, WINDOBONA wind tunnel… Read more...
Paraclete XP Championship 2017 Video

Paraclete XP Championship 2017

[dt_divider style=”thin” /] Paraclete XP Championship 2017 Highlights of the 9th Annual Championship 27 Feb 2017 | Wind Tunnel Paraclete XP Skyventure | Credit James Kunze [dt_gap height=”10″ /] Highlights of the 9th Annual Championship held at Paraclete XP Skyventure … Read more...

Wind Games 2017 Highlights Day 2

[dt_gap height=”10″ /] [dt_divider style=”thin” /] [dt_gap height=”10″ /] Wind Games 2017 Highlights Day 2 Let’s take look back to this amazing competition 4 Feb 2017 | Wind Tunnel : Windoor | Competition : Wind Games 2017 [dt_gap height=”10″ /]… Read more...

Wind Games 2017 Highlights Day 1

  The Wind Games 2017 were held 3-4 February 2017, and had a similar format to the previous editions. Windoor honoured the traditional events of Formation Skydiving (FS), Vertical Formation Skydiving (VFS) as well as continuing to innovate with the… Read more...

Flyspot about Wind Games 2017

A smashing performance for the Polish athletes Polish National team athletes have taken home two bronze medals from the large, annual indoor skydiving competition held at Empuriabrava, Spain from 2 to 4 february 2017. Maja Kuczynska, 17, sealed the 3rd… Read more...

Cawabonga Dynamic (Video)

Cawabonga Team performs a Dynamic Flyng routine at Madrid Fly. Quote of The Day “Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens“. #cawabonga #theninjapath… Read more...

BASE jumps go pro at Gravity

[dt_divider style=”thin” /] BASE jumps go pro at Gravity Are you ready to challenge yourself? Wind Tunnel Gravity Indoor Skydiving | 12 Jan 2017 [dt_gap height=”10″ /] Dare to challenge yourself? Step it up and raise your levels even higher!… Read more...