Amy Watson - Atmodance
Amy Watson - Atmodance
Words by Laura Gal – Nova Communication
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Atmodance – The new contemporary art form born in the air

Atmospheric dance, or atmodance is the fusion of wind tunnel flying, an extreme sport gaining more and more popularity, and modern dance. The dancers are flying in a wind of 180-260 km/h in the specially designed wind tunnel, just like sportsmen at a professional championship, however, as opposed to contests, they do not perform a series of excercises that the judges give scores to, but a dance with a unique visual world, composed of freestyle and dance elements, choreographed to music.“The harmony of the music, the lights and movement has a hypnotic effect on the viewer, and makes the audience aware that the future is right here, since everyone’s oldest dream, flying comes true in front of the viewers’ eyes. Everyone has dreamt of flying, and atmodancers are doing it in a safe environment within arm’s reach of the audience” – says project initiator, Laszlo L. Laki.



Atmodance thus brings the unique feeling of flying down to earth, and places one of the most crucial elements of our planet, the atmosphere in a new medium. The performers and the crew come from twelve different countries, among the former are a number of the most talented junior wind tunnel contestants, like Australian junior champion Amy Watson (12), US champion Sydney Logan Kennett (11), or the youngest wind tunnel trainer in the world, Lukacs L. Laki(16). The training crew consists of the hotshots of wind tunnel sports: world champion and world cup winner Inka Tiitto, world-famous Leonid Volkov and Maciej Kucharczuk are responsible for training, while choreographer Yulia Oko has prepared choreography.

The circumstances of the birth of atmodance were in no way ordinary. The best junior wind tunnel athletes of the world were invited by Space Devils Sports Club to Superheroes’ Flying Camp, a one-week training camp in July, which took place in Madrid, at the MadridFly wind tunnel. In addition to professional development, the aim of the week-long training in Madrid was the fusion of sports and various branches of art, and as a grand finale, the participants performed an unconventional show. “We organized the camp so that in addition to professional development, the best young contestants in the world get a new perspective: be able to plan flying in a creative way, and involve such elements in their programme that they have not worked with before. We wished to expand their capabilities and make them able to use previously less applied branches of art in their performances. Experimentation, finding new ways have not been far from us before either, but we realised that the grand finale finally lead to the birth of a new genre during the show itself” – recollects Laszlo L. Laki László about the beginnings. The reaction of the participants and the audience on the spot, as well as the feedback after the show motivated the professional team to start dealing seriously with the further development of the genre.



What could prove it better that they are on the right track than that Internet folks love the teaser film produced of the show in Madrid, it has been viewed by over a million people on Facebook. The short film made of the show has just been launched these days, and it will be followed by a documentary at the beginning of October. The latter will be about Superheroes’ Camp, the preparation and about world class wind tunnel sportskids.

At the moment, Laszlo L. Laki is working on founding an independent atmodance company, (Modern Aerial Dance Company), together with the above mentioned professional team. The first performance will portray the fundamental human values, like bravery, unselfishness, truth, love, etc., on the ground and in the air, with a breathtaking stage spectacle, designed by world-famous visual artist, Zsolt Laszlo Bordos. At the moment, the performances are scheduled at Madrid-based MadridFly wind tunnel, the premier will be 10th December, which will be streamed online for anyone to watch.



See the trailer (Intergalactic Air Dance) or the full movie (Wings) of the first show last 15/07/2017 in Madrid.


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