iFLY Minsk is hiring
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iFLY Minsk is hiring

We are hiring! iFLY Minsk will open very soon, but we still lack the most important – professional instructors. We are looking for: Lead Flight Instructor IBA Level 4 Flight Instructor IBA Level 3/4 Flight Instructor IBA Level 1 For… Read more...

01.02 Belly Flying Turns (Video)

Turning is an integral part of your belly flying skill and being able to comfortably do so will allow you to control and maintain specific pre-determined headings and also will allow you to make specific moves while flying with a… Read more...

Why Should You Try Indoor Skydiving?

Obviously, the number one reason you should try indoor skydiving is because it’s fun. But there are a lot of other ​mental and physical benefits you can gain from a skydiving practice. These range from increased confidence to getting a… Read more...
Bohemian Flightsody

Bohemian Flightsody (Video)

Bohemian Flightsody is a flying tribute to Freddie Mercury performed by Fred Fernandez Noceda at The Wind Games 2019. The Wind Games is the name of the indoor flight competition held by Windoor; the first wind tunnel in Spain, and… Read more...
Into The Sky - Atmodance Academy

Into The Sky (A Documentary Film)

Leap from the ground and reality into a magical adventure with these young atmodancers. They seem small but their talent is huge. Listen carefully to their story and witness their shiny optimism and pure heart. A documentary film by Andrea… Read more...