Top 5 most-viewed indoor skydiving videos 2018

Hello Flyers of The World!

Here is our chart of the top 5 most viewed videos on our Youtube Channel in the year 2018. Incredible competition rounds, live shows and promo videos are all contributing to make the sport of indoor skydiving more and more known to the big audience.

Sharing these amazing videos is the most effective way to support our community and the athletes. So prepare yourself to be amazed once again, spread the word and submit now your videos for next year’s chart!

#1 For What It’s Worth – Team Aspire

Team Aspire - The Wind Games 2018

Team Aspire performing a D2W  routine with music at The Wind Games 2018. Watch it now!

#2 Maja & Leo Indoor Skydancing

Maja & Leo Indoor Skydancing

The two world champions, freestylers Maja and Leo perform some breathtaking indoor skydancing routines. Watch it now!

#3 Indoor SkyDance on America’s Got Talent

Indoor SkyDance - America's Got Talent

Inka’s performance for the live audience of America’s Got Talent. Watch it now!

#4 Love Flying? Wind

Love Flying? Wind - FlyStation Japan

This movie is an expression of the tremendous power of the wind speed in FlyStation’s “Wind Tunnel”. Watch it now!

#5 Indoor Skydiving to the Olympic Games

Leonid Volkov in this promo video filmed at FlyStation plays nine of traditional olympic sports in the wind tunnel. Watch it now!

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Last updated on 7 Mar 2019