New Wind Tunnel Projects from Aerodium

Hello Flyers,

this year has brought us many exciting projects. We have created one of the most revolutionary tunnels on the market and have opened franchises in South KoreaIsrael and the UK.

We plan to open 5 more tunnels worldwide by the end of the year, and 4 more tunnel projects are already planned for 2023.

New wind tunnels for entertainment centres

Aerodium New Wind Tunnel Project - Model O2S Just a couple of months ago we finished work on the most silent open-air tunnel ever made – Open-air Permanent.

It is a revolution! Innovative, sound-absorbing technology will now allow the tunnel to operate in a place with high foot traffic, in warm climate areas.

In addition, this tunnel is specially designed to occupy a minimal area, as all the rooms necessary for operation can be integrated into the technology.

We would also like to highlight the Enclosed Semi-Pro tunnel.

It provides the best balance of performance and investment in the recirculation tunnel market. This tunnel fit any entertainment space.

Compact technology means lower investment, easier integration possibilities, and faster payback.

Aerodium New Wind Tunnel Project - Shop Mall

What do these two tunnels have in common?

It is VERSATILITY. They are suitable for all customer groups.

  • Beginner flyers have everything they need in this tunnel. The perfect place to experience bodyflying and a training facility where to progress.
  • Professional flyers will find sufficient airflow to master complicated skydiving body positions like sit fly and head down.
  • For acrobats this tunnel is a great show stage. They can express creative talent and attract spectators with flight shows.

If you’re interested in hearing more about these products, you could visit Aerodium Technologies Stand at IAAPA Expo Europe in London, September 13-15, booth #218 or contact the company.

Last updated on 2 Sep 2022