International Bodyflight Association (IBA) is one of the world’s leading organizations in the promotion of Indoor Skydiving as a Sport and for the engagement of tunnel flyers and operators.

IBA has developed a standardized progression path to help flyers to develop their flight skills safely. Every skill is presented with a demonstration video and detailed learning points.

Teaching techniques could slightly differ in tunnels that follow other instructional systems, we always suggest to ask to an instructor at your local tunnel or to your coach for your best progression.


Flyer Level 1

Back Flying Level 2

  • Neutral Back Fly
  • Back Fly Turns
  • Back Fly Fwd & Bkwd
  • Back Fly Up/Down
  • Back Fly Side Slides
  • Back Fly Enter & Exit
  • Belly to Back Barrel Roll
  • Back to Belly Barrel Roll
  • Belly to Back Back Flip
  • Back to Belly Front Flip
  • Barrel Roll
  • Walking


Static Level 3

  • Neutral Sit Fly Position
  • Sit Fly Left / Right Turn
  • Sit Fly Forward / Backward
  • Sit Fly Up / Down
  • Sit Fly Side Sliding
  • Back to Sit Transition
  • 2-Way VFS Intermediate

Static Level 4

  • Head Down
  • Head Down Up / Down
  • Head Down Left / Right Turn
  • Head Down Forward / Backward
  • Head to Sit Front Flip
  • Sit to Head Front Flip
  • Sit to Head Back Flip
  • Head to Sit Back Flip
  • 2-Way VFS Advanced

Static Pro

  • Half Eagle
  • Half Reverse Eagle
  • Full Eagles
  • Full Reverse Eagles


Dynamic Level 3

  • Belly to Back Front Flip
  • Back to Belly Back Flip
  • Belly Carving
  • Back Carving
  • Full Front Layout
  • Full Back Layout
  • Head Up In Face Carve
  • Head Up Out Face Carve

Dynamic Level 4

  • Head Down In-Face Carve
  • Head Down Out-Face Carve
  • Bottom Loop
  • Half Breakers
  • Belly/Back Flares
  • Head Up Carve Switches
  • 2-Way Head Up Dynamic

Dynamic Pro

  • Breakers Head Up
  • Breakers Head Down
  • Head Down Carve Switches


Flyer Formation Level 2

  • 2-Way Flying
  • 2-Way Formation
  • 2-Way Verticals
  • Super Positinioning

Flyer Formation Level 3

  • 2-Way Entrances
  • 3-Way Flying

Flyer Formation Level 4

  • 4-Way Flying