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ImageNameStatusYearCountryCityBrandDiameterTypeChamberHeightTop Speedhf:tax:statushf:tax:country
Wind Tunnel Propellers
Bannar Vertical Wind TunnelPrivately Operated2014Arizona, USAYuma16.4 ft (5.0 m)N/AN/Aprivately-operatedarizona united-states
CLYMB Abu Dhabi
CLYMB Abu DhabiOpen to the Public2019United Arab EmiratesAbu DhabiClymb32.0 ft (9.8 m)RecirculatingWall-to-Wall (Round)82.0 ft (25.0 m)186 mph (300 Km/h)open-to-the-publicunited-arab-emirates
Egypt EMOD MilitaryUnder Construction2019 Q1EgyptCairo14.0 ft (4.3 m)RecirculatingRound Wall-to-WallN/AN/Aunder-constructionegypt
Freezone I
Freezone IOpen to the Public2007RussiaMoscowFreezone12.0 ft (3.7 m)RecirculatingWall-to-Wall (Round)39.4 ft (12 m)186 mph (300 km/h)open-to-the-publicrussia
Freezone II
Freezone IIOpen to the Public2009RussiaMoscowFreezone16.4 ft (5.0 m)RecirculatingWall-to-Wall (Round)55.8 ft (17 m)186 mph (300 km/h)open-to-the-publicrussia
iFLY 14ft - Render
iFLY Aix-MarseilleAnnounced2019 Q2FranceAix-en-ProvenceiFLY14.0 ft (4.3 m)RecirculatingRound Wall-to-WallN/AN/Aannouncedfrance europe
iFLY Atlanta
iFLY AtlantaOpen to the Public2016Georgia, USAAtlantaiFLY14.0 ft (4.3 m)RecirculatingWall-to-Wall (Round)N/A180 mph (290 km/h)open-to-the-publicgeorgia united-states
iFLY Austin
iFLY AustinOpen to the Public2013Texas, USAAustiniFLY14.0 ft (4.3 m)RecirculatingWall-to-Wall (Round)48 ft (14.6 m)171 mph (275 km/h)open-to-the-publictexas united-states
iFLY Bali
iFLY BaliOpen to the Public2019 Q1IndonesiaDenpasariFLY12.0 ft (3.7 m)RecirculatingWall-to-Wall (Round)N/AN/Aopen-to-the-publicindonesia
iFLY Baltimore
iFLY BaltimoreOpen to the Public2016Maryland, USANottinghamiFLY14.0 ft (4.3 m)RecirculatingN/AN/AN/Aopen-to-the-publicmaryland united-states
iFLY Basingstoke Indoor Skydiving
iFLY BasingstokeOpen to the Public2013United KingdomBasingstokeiFLY14.0 ft (4.3 m)RecirculatingWall-to-Wall (Round)N/AN/Aopen-to-the-publicunited-kingdom europe
iFLY Birmingham - The Bear Grylls Adventure Park
iFLY BirminghamOpen to the Public2019United KingdomBirminghamiFLY12.0 ft (3.7 m)RecirculatingWall-to-Wall (Round)N/AN/Aopen-to-the-publicunited-kingdom europe
iFLY Brasilia Lago Sul
iFLY Brasilia Lago SulOpen to the Public2016South KoreaBrasiliaiFLY12.0 ft (3.7 m)RecirculatingN/A35,1 ft (10.7 m)N/Aopen-to-the-publicsouth-korea
iFLY Brisbane
iFLY BrisbaneOpen to the Public2019AustraliaChermsideiFLY12.0 ft (3.7 m)RecirculatingWall-to-Wall (Round)41,2 ft (12.6 m)168 mph (270 km/h)open-to-the-publicaustralia
iFLY Bristol
iFLY BristolAnnounced2019United KingdomBristoliFLY14.0 ft (4.3 m)RecirculatingWall-to-Wall (Round)50 ft (15.2 m)150 mph (241 km/h)announcedunited-kingdom europe
iFLY Calgary
iFLY CalgaryOpen to the Public2019CanadaCalgaryiFLY12.0 ft (3.7 m)RecirculatingWall-to-Wall (Round)36 ft (11.0 m)168 mph (270 km/h)open-to-the-publiccanada
iFLY Charlotte
iFLY CharlotteOpen to the Public2019North Carolina, USAConcordiFLY12.0 ft (3.7 m)RecirculatingWall-to-Wall (Round)N/AN/Aopen-to-the-publicnorth-carolina united-states
iFLY Chicago Lincoln Park
iFLY Chicago Lincoln ParkOpen to the Public2016Illinois, USAChicagoiFLY12.0 ft (3.7 m)RecirculatingWall-to-Wall (Round)N/AN/Aopen-to-the-publicillinois united-states
iFLY Chicago Naperville
iFLY Chicago NapervilleOpen to the Public2014Illinois, USANapervilleiFLY14.0 ft (4.3 m)N/AN/Aopen-to-the-publicillinois united-states
iFLY Chicago Rosemont
iFLY Chicago RosemontOpen to the Public2014Illinois, USARosemontiFLY14.0 ft (4.3 m)RecirculatingWall-to-Wall (Round)48 ft (14.6 m)171 mph (275 km/h)open-to-the-publicillinois united-states
iFLY Cincinnati
iFLY CincinnatiOpen to the Public2019Ohio, USALiberty TownshipiFLY12.0 ft (3.7 m)RecirculatingWall-to-Wall (Round)N/AN/Aopen-to-the-publicohio united-states
iFLY Colorado Springs
iFLY Colorado SpringsOpen to the Public2022Colorado, USAColorado SpringsiFLY14.0 ft (4.3 m)RecirculatingWall-to-Wall (Round)48 ft (14.6 m)171 mph (275 km/h)open-to-the-publiccolorado united-states
iFLY 14ft - Render
iFLY CopenhagenUnder Construction2019 Q2DenmarkCopenagheniFLY14.0 ft (4.3 m)RecirculatingRound Wall-to-Wall48 ft (14.6 m)171 mph (275 km/h)under-constructiondenmark europe
iFLY Dallas
iFLY DallasOpen to the Public2013Texas, USAFriscoiFLY14.0 ft (4.3 m)N/AN/AN/AN/Aopen-to-the-publictexas united-states
iFLY Denver
iFLY DenverOpen to the Public2006Colorado, USALone TreeiFLY14.0 ft (4.3 m)RecirculatingWall-to-Wall (Round)N/A180 mph (290 km/h)open-to-the-publiccolorado united-states
iFLY Downunder
iFLY DownunderOpen to the Public2014AustraliaPenrithiFLY16.4 ft (5.0 m)RecirculatingWall-to-Wall (Round)N/AN/Aopen-to-the-publicaustralia
iFLY Dubai I and II
iFLY Dubai I and IIOpen to the Public2010United Arab EmiratesDubaiiFLY10.0 ft (3.1 m)RecirculatingWall-to-Wall (Round)N/AN/Aopen-to-the-publicunited-arab-emirates
iFLY Edmonton
iFLY EdmontonAnnounced2019CanadaEdmontoniFLY12.0 ft (3.7 m)RecirculatingWall-to-Wall (Round)N/AN/Aannouncedcanada
iFLY 14ft - Render
iFLY El PasoOpen to the Public2019Texas, USAEl PasoiFLY14.0 ft (4.3 m)RecirculatingWall-to-Wall (Round)48 ft (14.6 m)N/Aopen-to-the-publictexas united-states
iFLY Fort Lauderdale
iFLY Fort LauderdaleOpen to the Public2016Texas, USADavieiFLY14.0 ft (4.3 m)RecirculatingN/AN/AN/Aopen-to-the-publictexas united-states
iFLY Fort Worth
iFLY Fort WorthOpen to the Public2016Texas, USAHurstiFLY12.0 ft (3.7 m)RecirculatingN/AN/AN/Aopen-to-the-publictexas united-states
iFLY Gold Coast
iFLY Gold CoastOpen to the Public2016AustraliaGold CoastiFLY12.0 ft (3.7 m)RecirculatingWall-to-Wall (Round)N/AN/Aopen-to-the-publicaustralia
iFLY Hollywood
iFLY HollywoodOpen to the Public2007California, USAUniversal City10 ft (3.1 m)open-to-the-publiccalifornia united-states
iFLY Houston Memorial
iFLY Houston MemorialOpen to the Public2015Texas, USAHoustoniFLY14.0 ft (4.3 m)N/AN/Aopen-to-the-publictexas united-states
iFLY Houston Woodlands
iFLY Houston WoodlandsOpen to the Public2015Texas, USAOak Ridge NorthiFLY14.0 ft (4.3 m)N/AN/Aopen-to-the-publictexas united-states
iFLY Jacksonville
iFLY JacksonvilleOpen to the Public2019 Q2Florida, USAJacksonvilleiFLY14.0 ft (4.3 m)RecirculatingN/A48 ft (14.6 m)171 mph (275 km/h)open-to-the-publicflorida united-states
iFLY Jakarta
iFLY JakartaAnnounced2020IndonesiaJawa BaratiFLY12.0 ft (3.7 m)RecirculatingN/AN/AN/Aannouncedindonesia
iFLY Jihua Park 3
iFLY Jihua Park 3Under Construction2019 Q3ChinaChangchun14.0 ft (4.3 m)RecirculatingRound Wall-to-WallN/AN/Aunder-constructionchina
iFLY Chongqing Jihua Park
iFLY Jihua Park ChongqingOpen to the Public2016ChinaChongqing ShiiFLY14.0 ft (4.3 m)RecirculatingRound Wall-to-Wall39.4 ft (12 m)180 mph (290 km/h)open-to-the-publicchina
iFLY Kansas City
iFLY Kansas CityOpen to the Public2015New York, USAKansas CityiFLY14.0 ft (4.3 m)RecirculatingN/AN/AN/Aopen-to-the-publicnew-york united-states
iFLY Las Vegas
iFLY Las VegasAnnounced2024Nevada, USALas VegasiFLY12.0 ft (3.7 m)RecirculatingWall-to-Wall (Round)N/AN/Aannouncednevada united-states
iFLY London at The 02
iFLY London at The 02Announced2023United KingdomLondoniFLYN/ARecirculatingWall-to-Wall (Round)announcedunited-kingdom europe
iFLY Loudoun
iFLY LoudounOpen to the Public2016USA, VirginiaAshburniFLY14.0 ft (4.3 m)RecirculatingN/AN/A171 mph (275 km/h)open-to-the-publicunited-states virginia
iFLY Lyon Indoor Skydiving
iFLY LyonOpen to the Public2016USASaint-PriestiFLY14.0 ft (4.3 m)RecirculatingWall-to-Wall (Round)38 ft (11.6 m)171 mph (275 km/h)open-to-the-publicunited-states
iFLY Manchester
iFLY ManchesterOpen to the Public2009United KingdomManchesteriFLY14.0 ft (4.3 m)N/AN/Aopen-to-the-publicunited-kingdom europe
iFLY Melbourne
iFLY MelbourneOpen to the Public2019AustraliaEssendoniFLY14.0 ft (4.3 m)RecirculatingN/A39,2 ft (12 m)168 mph (270 km/h)open-to-the-publicaustralia
iFLY Milton Keynes
iFLY Milton KeynesOpen to the Public2005United KingdomMilton KeynesiFLY12.0 ft (3.7 m)RecirculatingWall-to-Wall (8 sides)50 ft (15.2 m)150 mph (241 km/h)open-to-the-publicunited-kingdom europe
iFLY Minneapolis
iFLY MinneapolisOpen to the Public2019 Q1Minnesota, USAMinnetonkaiFLY12.0 ft (3.7 m)RecirculatingWall-to-Wall (Round)N/AN/Aopen-to-the-publicminnesota united-states
iFLY Minsk - Render Building
iFLY MinskOpen to the Public2019BelarusMinskiFLY14.0 ft (4.3 m)RecirculatingWall-to-Wall (Round)43 ft (13.1 m)171 mph (275 km/h)open-to-the-publicbelarus europe
Indoor Skydiving at iFLY Montgomery
iFLY MontgomeryOpen to the Public2018Maryland, USAGaithersburgiFLY14.0 ft (4.3 m)RecirculatingN/AN/AN/Aopen-to-the-publicmaryland united-states
iFLY Montreal
iFLY MontrealOpen to the Public2009CanadaLavaliFLY14.0 ft (4.3 m)RecirculatingWall-to-Wall (Round)38 ft (11.6 m)171 mph (275 km/h)open-to-the-publiccanada
iFLY 14ft - Render
iFLY Mount LaurelOn Hold2018 Q4New Jersey, USAMt Laurel14.0 ft (4.3 m)RecirculatingRound Wall-to-WallN/A170 mph (274 km/h)on-holdnew-jersey united-states
iFLY Oceanside
iFLY OceansideOpen to the Public2017California, USAOceansideiFLY14.0 ft (4.3 m)RecirculatingN/A48 ft (14.6 m)171 mph (275 km/h)open-to-the-publiccalifornia united-states
iFLY Oklahoma City
iFLY Oklahoma CityOpen to the Public2016Oklahoma, USAOklahoma CityiFLY12.0 ft (3.7 m)RecirculatingWall-to-Wall (Round)N/AN/Aopen-to-the-publicoklahoma united-states
iFLY Ontario Indoor Skydiving
iFLY Ontario Indoor SkydivingOpen to the Public2016California, USAOntarioiFLY14.0 ft (4.3 m)RecirculatingN/AN/Aopen-to-the-publiccalifornia united-states
iFLY Orlando I
iFLY Orlando ICancelled1999Florida, USAOrlandoSkyventureN/AN/AN/Acancelledflorida united-states
iFLY Orlando II
iFLY Orlando IIOpen to the Public2017Florida, USAOrlandoiFLYN/AN/AN/A26,5 ft (8.07 m)160 mph (257 km/h)open-to-the-publicflorida united-states
iFLY Paramus
iFLY ParamusOpen to the Public2018New Jersey, USAParamusiFLY14.0 ft (4.3 m)RecirculatingWall-to-Wall (Round)48 ft (14.6 m)171 mph (275 km/h)open-to-the-publicnew-jersey united-states
iFLY Paris
iFLY ParisOpen to the Public2017FranceParisiFLY14.0 ft (4.3 m)RecirculatingWall-to-Wall (Round)38 ft (11.6 m)171 mph (275 km/h)open-to-the-publicfrance europe
iFLY Perth
iFLY PerthOpen to the Public2016ArgentinaPerthiFLY14.0 ft (4.3 m)RecirculatingWall-to-Wall (Round)N/AN/Aopen-to-the-publicargentina
iFLY Philadelphia
iFLY PhiladelphiaOpen to the Public2016Pennsylvania, USAKing of PrussiaiFLY14.0 ft (4.3 m)RecirculatingWall-to-Wall (Round)N/AN/Aopen-to-the-publicpennsylvania united-states
iFLY Phoenix
iFLY PhoenixOpen to the Public2017Arizona, USAScottsdaleiFLY14.0 ft (4.3 m)RecirculatingWall-to-Wall (Round)48 ft (14.6 m)171 mph (275 km/h)open-to-the-publicarizona united-states
iFLY Portland
iFLY PortlandOpen to the Public2015Oregon, USATigardiFLY14.0 ft (4.3 m)N/AWall-to-Wall (Round)48 ft (14.6 m)171 mph (275 km/h)open-to-the-publicoregon united-states
iFLY Queenstown
iFLY QueenstownOpen to the Public2018New ZealandQueenstown12 ft (3.7 m)RecirculatingRound Wall-to-WallN/AN/Aopen-to-the-publicnew-zealand
iFLY Sacramento
iFLY SacramentoOpen to the Public2016California, USARosevilleiFLYN/AN/AN/Aopen-to-the-publiccalifornia united-states
iFLY Salt Lake City
iFLY Salt Lake CityOpen to the Public2019USA, UtahSalt Lake CityiFLY12.0 ft (3.7 m)RecirculatingN/AN/AN/Aopen-to-the-publicunited-states utah
iFLY San Antonio
iFLY San AntonioOpen to the Public2016Texas, USASan AntonioiFLYN/ARecirculatingN/AN/AN/Aopen-to-the-publictexas united-states
iFLY San Diego
iFLY San DiegoOpen to the Public2016California, USASan DiegoiFLY14.0 ft (4.3 m)RecirculatingWall-to-Wall (Round)48 ft (14.6 m)N/Aopen-to-the-publiccalifornia united-states
iFLY San Francisco Bay
iFLY San Francisco BayOpen to the Public2007California, USAUnion CityiFLYN/AN/AN/Aopen-to-the-publiccalifornia united-states
iFLY Sao Paulo Pinheiros
iFLY Sao Paulo PinheirosOpen to the Public2016SwitzerlandSao Paulo12 ft (3.7 m)RecirculatingRound Wall-to-WallN/AN/Aopen-to-the-publicswitzerland europe
iFLY Seattle
iFLY SeattleOpen to the Public2011USA, WashingtonTukwilaiFLY14.0 ft (4.3 m)N/AN/Aopen-to-the-publicunited-states washington
iFLY 14ft - Render
iFLY ShenzhenUnder Construction2019 Q2ChinaShenzen14.0 ft (4.3 m)RecirculatingRound Wall-to-WallN/AN/Aunder-constructionchina
iFLY Singapore
iFLY SingaporeOpen to the Public2011SingaporeSentosa IslandiFLY16.5 ft (5.0 m)RecirculatingN/A56.5 ft (17.2 m)N/Aopen-to-the-publicsingapore
iFLY 14ft - Render
iFLY Sydney Moore ParkAnnounced2019AustraliaSydneyiFLY14.0 ft (4.3 m)RecirculatingWall-to-Wall (Round)N/A180 mph (290 km/h)announcedaustralia
iFLY Tampa
iFLY TampaOpen to the Public2016Florida, USATampaiFLY14.0 ft (4.3 m)RecirculatingN/A48 ft (14.6 m)171 mph (275 km/h)open-to-the-publicflorida united-states
iFLY Toronto Oakville
iFLY Toronto OakvilleOpen to the Public2014CanadaOntarioiFLY14.0 ft (4.3 m)RecirculatingWall-to-Wall (Round)N/A171 mph (275 km/h)open-to-the-publiccanada
iFLY Toronto Whitby
iFLY Toronto WhitbyOpen to the Public2018CanadaWhitbyiFLY14.0 ft (4.3 m)RecirculatingWall-to-Wall (Round)N/A171 mph (275 km/h)open-to-the-publiccanada
iFLY Utah
iFLY UtahOpen to the Public2007Ogden12 ft (3.7 m)open-to-the-public
iFLY Vancouver BC
iFLY Vancouver BCUnder Construction2023CanadaVancouveriFLY14.0 ft (4.3 m)RecirculatingWall-to-Wall (Round)N/A171 mph (275 km/h)under-constructioncanada
iFLY Virginia Beach
iFLY Virginia BeachOpen to the Public2015USA, VirginiaVirginia BeachiFLY14.0 ft (4.3 m)RecirculatingN/A48 ft (14.6 m)171 mph (275 km/h)open-to-the-publicunited-states virginia
iFLY Westchester
iFLY WestchesterOpen to the Public2015New York, USAYonkersiFLY14.0 ft (4.3 m)RecirculatingWall-to-Wall (Round)48 ft (14.6 m)171 mph (275 km/h)open-to-the-publicnew-york united-states
Indoor Skydiving Quantum of the Seas
Indoor Skydiving Quantum of the SeasOpen to the Public2014Cruise ShipCruise Ship10 ft (3.1 m)Open FlowN/AN/Aopen-to-the-publiccruise-ship
InFlight Dubai 16
InFlight Dubai 16Open to the Public2013United Arab EmiratesDubaiInflight16.5 ft (5.0 m)RecirculatingWall-to-Wall (Round)56.5 ft (17.2 m)175 mph (282 km/h)open-to-the-publicunited-arab-emirates
Paraclete XP SkyVenture
Paraclete XP SkyVentureOpen to the Public2008North Carolina, USARaefordParaclete XP16.5 ft (5.0 m)RecirculatingWall-to-Wall (Round)56 ft (17,1 m)open-to-the-publicnorth-carolina united-states
Perris SkyVenture
Perris SkyVentureOpen to the Public2003California, USAPerris12 ft (3.7 m)open-to-the-publiccalifornia united-states
Qatar Military Wind TunnelPrivately Operated2018QatarQatar18.0 ft (5.5 m)RecirculatingRound Wall-to-WallN/AN/Aprivately-operatedqatar
RipCord by iFly 4
RipCord by iFly 4Under Construction2019 Q2Cruise ShipCruise Ship10 ft (3.1 m)RecirculatingRound Wall-toWallN/AN/Aunder-constructioncruise-ship
RipCord by iFly 5
RipCord by iFly 5Under Construction2019 Q2Cruise ShipCruise Ship10 ft (3.1 m)RecirculatingRound Wall-toWallN/AN/Aunder-constructioncruise-ship
RipCord by iFly on Anthem of the Seas
RipCord by iFly on Anthem of the SeasOpen to the Public2015USACruise Ship10 ft (3.1 m)N/Aopen-to-the-publicunited-states
RipCord by iFly on Ovation of the Seas
RipCord by iFly on Ovation of the SeasOpen to the Public2016Cruise ShipCruise Ship10 ft (3.1 m)RecirculatingRound Wall-toWallN/AN/Aopen-to-the-publiccruise-ship
SkyVenture Alcantarilla
SkyVenture AlcantarillaPrivately Operated2006Alcantarilla14.0 ft (4.3 m)RecirculatingWall-to-Wall (Round)privately-operated
SkyVenture Arizona
SkyVenture ArizonaOpen to the Public2005Eloy14.0 ft (4.3 m)open-to-the-public
SkyVenture Genting
SkyVenture GentingClosed2015GentingiFLY12.0 ft (3.7 m)N/AN/Aclosed
SkyVenture Goiania
SkyVenture GoianiaPrivately Operated2007Goiania12 ft (3.7 m)privately-operated
SkyVenture Nad al Sheba
SkyVenture Nad al ShebaPrivately Operated2007Dubai12 ft (3.7 m)privately-operated
SkyVenture New Hampshire
SkyVenture New HampshireOpen to the Public2006Nashua12 ft (3.7 m)open-to-the-public