Windobona is one of the most active players in the Indoor Skydiving industry with a specific focus on Europe and Asia. Windobona tunnels are built on ISG (Indoor Skydiving Group) techonology. ISG is one of the most appreciated wind tunnel manufacturer expecially for the smooth and silent air flow of his machines. The tunnels are 15 meters high and built with a totally glassed flight chamber in which first flyers and sport flyers can fly in comfortable and conditionated air during hot and cold days.

Windobona Wind Tunnels

Here follows the world map with active and planned wind tunnels under the brand Windobona. Click on the yellow markers to see information and upcoming events for each wind tunnel.

Words by Windobona: “With its leisure wind tunnels across Europe WINDOBONA offers to newcomers as well as to experienced skydivers the opportunity to experience the one of a kind adventure of a – free fall – in a flight chamber from glass and to practice – the Art of Bodyflying, WINDOBONA wind tunnels are constructed with highest standards and with generated wind speeds of up to 280 km/h they are considered the most modern and safest wind tunnels word-wide.”

Open Wind Tunnels

Under Construction