Windobona spreads its wings over Europe

The viennese company delivers Indoor Skydiving to Europe’s biggest metropoles

Words by Windobona | Wind Tunnels Windobona | 5 May 2016

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WINDOBONA, the viennese indoor skydiving company, speaks about its strategy for the future and unveals some info about its upcoming Wind Tunnels in Europe.

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Windobona Wien. Aaron Ferri making people flying.
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WINDOBONA: “Since last year “Skydiving“ as a new trend-type indoor sport is available at the Vienna Prater. After the successful start of the pilot project in Vienna, the company is now opening highly developed wind tunnels in Madrid and Berlin. Three more locations in Paris, Milan and Hamburg are in the planning. In those flight chambers wind speeds up to 280 km/h simulate free fall.”

Since September of 2015, guests at the WINDOBONA facility in Vienna can experience free fall at wind speeds up to 280 km/h in a vertical wind tunnel, comparable to a parachute jump from a height of 4,000 meters. The responsible Skydiver GmbH now spreads its wings to expand all over Europe. Start-up of the WINDOBONA Turbines in Madrid is planned for October 2016, a second wind tunnel is planned to open in Berlin at the beginning of 2017. Anton Stenin, CEO of WINDOBONA group: “After a successful phase of testing in Vienna we have decided on expansion and an investment of about 8 million with about 25 of staff per location”. Stenin says: “The average operating time in Vienna of about 11 hours per day makes us optimistic as far our new locations are concerned”. Apart from the wind tunnels in Berlin and Madrid, preparations for construction for locations in Hamburg, Milan and Paris are running at full speed. For this, central locations with good connections are in sight for WINDOBONA corporate development. For example, the WINDOBONA wind tunnel in Milan will be constructed near the Milan Airport Linate.

The dream of flying also comes from Vienna to Milan

Wind-o-Bona-Milan-Logo5,000 guests have already experienced flight in the heart of the Vienna Prater and the response was very positive“, Stefanie Liller, General Manager at WINDOBONA in Vienna says: “With us, visitors learn how to navigate their bodies in wind-flow themselves. Many guests are coming for the first time and are enthused from the start, so that they return to book courses”. Liller continues: “Thus the wind tunnel in the center of the Vienna Prater offers the opportunity for this unparalleled feeling of flight close to the skin”. With a diameter of 4.3 meters and a height of 15 meters WINDOBONA accounts for being one of the biggest and safest wind tunnels world-wide and can accommodate up to 8 sports-flyers at a time.

Construction work for the wind tunnel in Milan will commence in May 2016 and will last for about 14 months. Opening is planned for July 2017. A technical highlight will be the innovative cooling technology of the leading supplier of wind tunnels ISG (Indoor Skydiving Group) as well as the 5 meters high and totally glassed flight chamber in which new-comers for flight and sports-flyers can move in refrigerated air during hot days. Apart from the “Flight Adventure”, WINDOBONA Indoor Skydiving Milan is also a meeting point for curious visitors and offers a cafeteria, an opportunity to stay cool, as well as 4 so called “briefing rooms”.

High-flying entrepreneurs

Indoor Skydiving – or Bodyflying – is a new innovative sport which gains popularity and recognition amongst action – and adrenaline junkies. Anton Stenin discovered this sport in 2007 first for himself. For this purpose he used wind as a source of energy in order to fly and move freely in the air. Stenin says: “The challenge in terms of power and a sensitive body feeling are providing for that kick.” Originally the entrepreneur arrived at this type of sport from being a parachutist, where he in 2014 was awarded the Austrian State Title in the disciplines of “Free-fly“ and ”Dual-Formation“ flight.

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Windobona statement: “With leisure wind tunnels across Europe WINDOBONA offers for newcomers as well as experienced skydivers the opportunity to experience the one of a kind adventure of a “free fall“ in a flight chamber from glass and to practice “the Art of Bodyflying“ WINDOBONA wind tunnels are constructed with highest standards and with generated wind speeds of up to 280 km/h they are considered the most modern and safest wind tunnels word-wide.


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