Terminal Zero Pre-Opening Sale (Special Offer)

We have gone mad!

Only 350€ x hour on this pre-opening sale. Time to be flown between October and November 2018! Do it now or never. Limited time available (offer valid only for the first 500 hours and only for one month).

Terms and conditions

  • Profly TZ price per hour: 350€(including VAT).
  • Profly TZ price per hour+ coaching: 450€(including VAT).
  • Offer is only valid until 30th June 2018.
  • Flying time sold is allocated into an individual flying time TZ-wallet which can be used for a 2-year valid period.
  • Flying availability effective from 1st December 2018 and from Mon to Thur.
  • Time booking from November 2018.
  • Wallet is personal and allocated to buyer/holder. Holder can transfer time to another flyer or book under someone else’s name previously informing TZ.
  • Tunnel fully operational start is expected not later than 1st December 2018. Should a delay of 3 months occur, TZ will freely contribute with 20 minutes extra time on each holder’s wallet per hour purchased. Should delay exceed the 3 month period, if so requested by buyer, TZ will refund the buyer for the amount paid within 30 days from buyer’s request.

Booking and Information Details

For further information and booking contact Terminal Zero Zaragoza.

Last updated on 3 Jun 2018


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