Syria and her dream of flying (Video)

Together with her family, Sirya is a street artist with a dream …

Sirya is a very young talented artist with Vietnamese origins. Sirya, together with her family, is a street artist: she dances, recites and amuses passers-by with her amazing acrobatics in many cities around the world. Sirya became aware very quickly that being an artist is really what she wants to be in her life. What she desires most is “delivering” her art in the streets, theatres, circuses of the whole world, with the aim of making people smile.

At 14 yrs Sirya’s already specialised in different fields: acrobatics, handstand, aerial, dance and contortion. Sometimes ago Syria contacted us because she saw a video from Maja Kuczynska on IndoorSkydiving.World and realized immediately that the air should become the next playground to deliver her talent.

So she decided to start her journey taking the first flying lessons at Madrid Fly. This is a short video about her first day in the wind tunnel, hoping it could be inspirational for many other talented children around the world willing to fly.

Sirya is ambitious: her dream is to develop her skills as an artist and eventually join a big company like the “Cirque du Soleil” or to become a world famous Indoor Skydiving Freestyle artist like Maja or Leonid.This will also hopefully enable her to help, in a more substantial way, her Vietnamese friends.

Last updated on 2 Sep 2016


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