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Results from latest meet of Indoor Cloud League

Credit National Skydiving League  | Organizer Indoor Cloud League | Wind Tunnel iFLY Houston | 16 Mar 2016

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The March leaderboard of the Indoor Cloud League continues to grow. The latest Indoor Cloud League scores are coming from iFLY Houston, where Spaceland Lite member Katrina Shows organized her indoor team’s first March event and provided the first scores and videos from Texas this month. iFLY Houston starts with a total of 94 points.
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iFLY Houston – March AAA AA A RRR RR R Total
Teams O,11,D,17 O,9,11 O,D,9 O,D,K M,O,D M,O Total

Block5nofingway 11 17 28
4 Shades of Grey 19 19
Tetralogy 15(-1) 20 35
Rick Pops, Ash the Aussie, Lori Mitchell, Sherry Moloch 12(-1) 12
Erika Barczak, Diana Hu, Debbie Hoffpauir, Rick Pops
Katrina Shows, Ash the Aussie, Lori Mitchell, Sherry Moloch

March – Part 1 11 17 19 15(-1) 20 12(-1) 94

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Team name: Block5nofingway
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Katrina Shows said that her first March event attracted more participants to iFLY Houston compared to all her previous ICL meets. She had six different lineups competing with each other for the six spots on the ICL March leaderboard. Four teams eventually got their scores and videos posted, and two teams made it twice on the leaderboard.She had also two lineups who eventually gave themselves new team names. 4 Shades of Grey have been a team since last year. Don Ellisor, Chad Hall and Randy Morgan had once again Dallas 350 member Scott Latinis in their lineup.

Billy Whitaker, Gary Fox, Laurie and Bo Long competed under Block5nofingway and performed the AAA and AA Class sequences.

Last and not least, the Ellisor family (Don, Cheryl and Emma) called their Rookie Class lineup Tetralogy and had Scott Latinis as their player coach, as well.

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March 2016 AAA AA A RRR RR R Total
Rank Teams O,11,D,17 O,9,11 O,D,9 O,D,K M,O,D M,O Total
1 iFLY Orlando (US) 18 18 27 26(-1) 13 18 120
2 iFLY Houston (US) 11 17 19 15(-1) 20 12(-1) 94
3 iFLY Virginia Beach (US) 21 21 42
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Scott Latinis with Cheryl, Emma and Don Ellisor
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The Ellisor family team consists of the parents (Don, Cheryl) with their 12-year young daughter Emma. Katrina Shows said that the Indoor Cloud League meet was Emma’s first indoor competition: “She started flying in the tunnel early this year, and as you will see in the video is doing very well.”Her last name is a familiar one in the skydiving community, as her parents Don and Cheryl
[dt_gap height=”10″ /] Ellisor have been around for a while. Katrina Shows pointed out the other first times: “First family competition for ICL at iFLY Houston, first competition the Ellisors have done as a family.” She added that the Ellisor family is very excited about the Indoor Cloud League competition and this event, as it.
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