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What is recirculation wind tunnel?

Aerodium tells the story and presents its Gravity Wind Tunnel

Credit Aerodium | Wind Tunnel Gravity | 12 Oct 2016

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Gravity Wind Tunnel

As a part of video blog series, vertical wind tunnel manufacturer Aerodium tells the story of recirculation tunnels.

Aerodium video blog host Aivis Cerins tries the newly open recirculation tunnel in Kingdom of Bahrain “Gravity” where specialists, instructors, pro flyers and customers express their feelings about bodyflight, judging the specifics and emotions felt in the air.

“Gravity” is one of the tallest vertical wind tunnel in the world, where the wind speed reaches up to 290 km/h, and the height of glass flight chamber is 12 meters and width of 4.3 meters.

Why recirculation wind tunnel?

Recirculation tunnels are for indoor flying. They are very silent and can be operated at any weather conditions. Therefore, recirculation tunnels are installed in highly populated residential areas (e.g. center of the city) to attract tourists, active lifestyle and entertainment seekers. Special technology ensures very high air-flow speed that makes these tunnels very attractive among professionals.

Business Application

These tunnels are mostly for the general public – people who want to experience the freedom in flying, for shows, professional and military training.


One beginner fly at a time irrespective of the diameter of the air-stream. If the diameter of the air-stream allows, then up to 8 professionals can fly at a time. Beginners can fly up to 4 meters on their own or in full height of the tunnel in tandem with experienced instructors. It is possible to sell up to 50-54 minutes of flying time per hour.

Wind speed goes up to 300km/h (186 mph)? in recirculation tunnels. Closed aerodynamic technology allows installing this tunnel inside buildings. The minimum height of such technology is 22,5m. Part of the technology can be built underground to decrease total height of technology.


This is a unique activity where experienced instructors work face-to-face with beginner flyers. Even more there are two persons overlooking each customer: one is experienced instructor in the airflow, the other is airflow operator who adjusts wind speed according to a particular client. These tunnels have safety nets above and below the flying zone. It is not possible to fly out of the tunnel.

Words by Aerodium

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