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Bodyflight World Challenge 2016 Day 2 | News

Finals and results of Bedford World Challenge 2016

Words by Matteo Roncari | Wind Tunnel Bodyflight Bedford | 3 Apr 2016

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FS4 AAA Podium – 1° Team Hayabusa Windoor (BE) – 2° Team France Fly-In Girls (FR) – 3° Team France Fly-In (FR)

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There were big expectactions for this edition of the Bodyflight World Challenge and It was great to see so many teams competing in what was the unoffficial world meet until the 1st WISC 2015 in Prague. This year 88 teams from around the world attended the competition in different disciplines and categories.

Team Hayabusa won for the 6th year in a row in the FS4 AAA category. Their 32.0 average is the highest indoor average ever in a 16-foot flying chamber for a 10-round meet. From the earliest rounds the team imposed an unreachable pace for everybody even if the two french teams (Fly-In and Fly-In Girls) impressed the audience for the consistent performance and their improvments from latest competitions.

To be straight nothing was more impressive than the 2nd place for the French Fly-In Girls. It has never happened yet in the history of the sport that an all-female team would tie a score of a reigning 4-way world champion. Could round 5 in Bedford be the start of a new situation in 4-way competition, with no difference in athletic performance between the genders? The discussion about that has now started …

The FS4 Event way splitted into 5 categories – Rookie, A, AA, AAA, and AAA female – with medals in each category and a £7,000 cash price for the winners of AAA.

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The 2 Way Dynamic competition was also really exciting with a close battle between the two leading teams: Dynamos and Firefly Singapore. The British team emerged by a really narrow margin over the young skillfull team from iFLY Singapore.

As well as the official prizes the judges have awarded spot cash prizes for a total value of £4,000 to those teams who deserved it through their work ethic, team spirit or sportsmanship.

Both Last April and Chatterchaps won a £1.000 spot prize at the Challenge, which they will reinvest in their training to win the Rookie category at Bodyflight Revenge coming up in six months.

As well as the formal prize money there was sponsor prizes worth over £10,000, bringing the total prize value to over £25,000 ($37,000).

All the competition was covered by Live Streaming thanks to World Challenge TV and more than 1.000 people watched the event through IndoorSkydiving.World dedicated page.

We are already looking forward to next year edition and to all upcoming competitions:

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Bedford Bodyflight World Challenge 2016 Final Results:

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Videos | Hayabusa 39 pts round and Team Firefly Singapore’s talented girls

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Team Firefly Singapore

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