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Think You Could be an IBA Examiner?

Meet Luca Montagnese, the newest IBA Examiner!

Credit International Bodyflight Association  | 13 Apr 2016

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Luca Montagnese is the newest IBA Instructor to be promoted to the Instructor Examiner position. Luca lives in the UK but travels the world to visit locations and provide his expertise. Meet Luca!

I was born in Milan, Italy. After years of travelling as I was in motor sport industry, and after 6 years in UK, I still feel very fascinated by my city. Milan is everything – business, finance, fashion, history and is always running to reach the next challenge. I love spending time there.  In fact, I try to go to Milan every time I can to reunite with my old friends.

It was during a trip in California that I realised it was the time for a change. From that moment I started the Airkix adventure… First, in my mind and soon after, it became real! Just like for previous passions, it was a dream came true! I remember when I passed the interview in Milton Keynes. I ran outside to call my girlfriend and I was so loud over the phone shouting in happiness that everyone was staring at me like a crazy… It was a memorable day.

That was in 2009, fast forward to 2016 and Luca has been awarded the highest role of an IBA Instructor, the Examiner position.

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So what does a typical day as an Examiner look like? Luca gives us a peak into his daily routine…

So what does a typical day as an Examiner look like? Luca gives us a peak into his daily routine…

Currently I am working at the brand new iFLY Loudoun facility, helping to train the new staff of Instructors.

I would like to say that my days are not all the same. Some days I am focused more on some topics and others days on different topics. That’s the reason why I love my job. It’s dynamic!

Starting with a joke: I’m not always on FB when seated in the office as the friendly instructors in Manchester think … Our relationship is so good that they always joke about it or at least I hope they do…

So… while you may think of me as a relaxed person who takes his time to surf on the internet and to set the priorities of the day, in my mind my thoughts run double as fast…. Meanwhile, my unemotional face stares at the computer but I promise, I am more alive on the inside! I am thinking about coordinating information and answering tasks with the responsible IBA people, Rusty Lewis or Chris Dixon; programming a Skype call with iFLY France in order to discuss how to optimize and deliver pending items before the opening, like how to better utilize the new instructors that recently finished the FITP or extra training for them; finding the best way to achieve the highest standard from every single instructor here at iFLY Loudon; and always planning good food for the next meal…

As I really like to hear from them, I also set calls with the UK people. In particular, my GM in Manchester, because I don’t want to lose track of new challenges occurring in the old continent. I meet UK Trainers on Skype to be updated on what’s happening around progressing, encouraging and supporting the Instructor staff, new courses, and daily operational challenges.

Of course, I love to be in the tunnel as much as I can, but there is also a time that I call for the “office stuff”, to prepare schedules, watch some numbers and performance of the Manchester team and try to brainstorm some ideas on how to “do it better”.

Those are mainly the activities that I do during the morning. In the afternoon I dedicate my time to training the instructors here in iFLY Loudoun, enjoying this new beautiful tunnel and knowing more and more about the amazing people at iFLY. I really enjoy trying to pass as much experience as possible to the new and enthusiastic Instructors. A pleasant thing is also to share different points of view with the local Trainers that I work with. We never stop learning and developing.

I am very lucky as I get motivation and inspiration from different teams based in very different places in the world, all building a bigger global opportunity.

…now the day is almost done, therefore, it’s time for a nice drink and enjoy my stay here in Washington DC…



Quick Fire

1.       High speed or low speed? low speed
2.       High tops or flip-flops? flip-flops
3.       Sparkling water or tap? tap
4.       Football (soccer) or rugby? skydiving
5.       Gelato or cookies? gelato
6.       Winter or summer? winter
7.       Train or plane? train
8.       Beer or wine? WINE
9.       City or country? city
10.     TV or book? TV


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