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United Arab Emirates SHARING AT CLYMB


This event is for sharing tunnel time in the world’s biggest tunnel, CLYMB Abu Dhabi!

We truly believe that sharing tunnel time is the best way to improve your flying skills fast, because you will spend a small amount of money, but fly a lot! But beware, this is not a huck jam!

We are searching for experienced flyers (that can fly safely in a group of minimum 6 people). We will create groups based on similar levels and assign a coach that will create clear plans for every entry so that we get the best out of the sharing experience.

The main idea is to share tunnel time, but we would also like to organize skydiving days in Abu Dhabi Skydive, if you show your interest.

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Tunnel time in CLYMB costs about 1200€/h and it will be shared between all flyers, with a min of 6 people flying at the same time.

E.g. of the costs:

  • if 6 people are flying at the same time, tunnel time will cost 1200/6 = 200€/h
  • if 12 people are flying at the same time, tunnel time will cost 1200/12 = 100€/h!!

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And now that we got your attention:

We will organize groups of 6-16, based on your skill level, and you will get different coaches on different days. This will ensure that you get diversity from coaches with a lot of experience in this field. The coach will create everyday flying plans based on your interests and will come up with ideas and directions on where to improve.
You will have the chance to offer feedback on how the coaches train you, so that we can continuously improve and give you the best learning experience.

The plan is to fly 30min – 1h 30min every day. If we fly more static stuff (which is more challenging) and/or want to have a half a day of skydiving we can, of course, fly less but the main idea is to fly a lot together!!

Dates: 25.11. – 2.12.

Coaches list will be updated soon. To have a sneak peak, check out https://windtunnelcoaches.com/team/
Accommodation and rental cars are organized by us and the costs will be shared between participants.

Registration fee: 150€ + tunnel time option.
Tunnel time options: 600€, 800€, 1000€, 1200€. This price includes coaching fees!

E.g.:if you choose the 600€ option, it could get you:

  • min 3h, if you fly in a group of 6
  • max 8h, if you fly in a group of 16

if you choose the 1200€ option, it could get you:

  • min 6h, if you fly in a group of 6
  • max 16h, if you fly in a group of 16

Send us your experience level in your own words and mention who were some of your coaches in the past. This way, we can find you an appropriate level group where everybody can fly safe. In addition, let us know if you would be interested in skydiving days aswell.

Let’s go share our passion in this massive tunnel!!


Last updated on 19 Aug 2020



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