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From Basic Body Flight to Dynamic Way. All levels are welcome. Contact the organizers for more info and booking.

About this camp

Get ready for some crazy flying in Russia. Come and improve your skills with us. Be prepared for the next skydiving season!!! This camp is settled in St.Petersburg at the FlyStation ISG wind tunnel. We will be flying during the night (from 0:00) and a bit during the day (until 9:00).

All levels of flyers are welcome. 2 ravens will be available to coach you on this camp – Radek and Venca. You need to arrange flight and visa (if necessary). Take at least 4 hours to make this trip worth it. Camp starts at 23:00 November 21st and ends at 9:00 November 27th. Join the awesomeness!

Accommodation for 8 guys is arranged already. 2 rooms for us in the tunnel bunkhouse, situated next to the tunnel. Each room has shower/toilet and accommodates 4 people. Each room is 2000 rub/night.

About our camps

Taking part in wind tunnel camps is the best and the most common way of learning how to fly. Tunnel camps last for three up to seven days. As a participant of a tunnel camp, you have the opportunity to focus only on one topic: flying!

Even if you travel alone, you are never lonely on a camp: you always meet other flyers and make new friends. You are in close contact with your coach, which gives you the chance to understand the theory as well as to learn different aspects of indoor skydiving. By the time the camp is over, you will feel a huge progress. The happiness about your success will turn into your personal motivation for the future. And we all need to stay motivated in order to improve our skills.

We regularly update our camp database. There, you can find camps on a preferred date, in a preferred tunnel, with a preferred coach.

When booking your camps with limited budget, we recommend joining just a few camps per year but taking more time on each of the few chosen camps. This way you will learn much more effectively and also save travel expenses.

Like every good event, a wind tunnel camp needs some preparation time. The camps are usually published a few months in advance, so that everyone has enough time to organize his travels, accommodation, etc. Once you have signed up, you will receive a time schedule with your flying times. Since everything must be paid in advance, the sign up deadline will always be two weeks before the beginning of the camp.


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