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Last updated on 19 Jan 2019



Fly Experience in Turin was the first Wind Tunnel for Indoor Skydiving to be opened in Italy, at the moment the facility is closed due to company’s restructuring. Aero Gravity, located in the northern part of Milan and opened in 2017, is one of the largest in the world with a flight chamber diameter of 17 ft (5.2 m) and holds several records. Tha austrian company Windobona has announced another facility in the southern area of Milan for the year 2018  but the project has not yet started.


Here follows the directory of active wind tunnels and new projects for indoor skydiving in Italy. You can filter the list by Status and order the results by any column, or search a facility by its name. If you know about a new wind tunnel or project please tell us.

Fastweb Aero Gravity Milano
Aero Gravity MilanoPeroOpen to the Public17 ft (5.2 m)2017open-to-the-public
Fly Experience
Fly ExperienceTurinClosed14 ft (4.3 m)2014closed
Fly X Rome - Indoor Skydiving
Fly X RomaRomeOpen to the Public8.2 ft (2.5 m)2019open-to-the-public
Virtual X
Virtual XFiumicinoOn Hold14 ft (4.3 m)2019 Q4on-hold
Windobona MilanSan DonatoOn Hold14 ft (4.3 m)2019on-hold


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Italian Nationals 2018 Highlights (Video)
Italian Nationals 2018 Highlights (Video)Competitions, Video3 Jun 2018competitions video
Flying Dancers by Night - Aero Gravity Milano
Flying Dancers by NightVideo19 Sep 2017video


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ImageEvent TitleCategoryStart Datetribe_events_cat_hfilter


The list of Coaches and Organizers in Italy. You can filter the list by discipline or search an organizer by its name. You can also submit a new organizer or see the complete list.

ImageEvent TitleCoachDisciplinediscipline_hfilter
Aaron Ferri
Aaron FerriTrueDynamic Flyingdynamic-flying
Max Alberdi
Max AlberdiTrueFormation Skydivingformation-skydiving
Andrea Scaramuzza
Andrea ScaramuzzaTrueDynamic Flyingdynamic-flying
Roberta Mancino
Roberta MancinoDynamic Flying, Freestyledynamic-flying freestyle